ColorYourLife 7pcs Soft Silicone Gel Skins Cases Covers for New iPod Nano 7th Generation with Screen Protector in Retail Packaging

*ColorYourLife Retail Packaging Includes:
7 soft silicone gel cases for iPOD Nano 7th generation – black, white, yellow, green, hot pink, purple, blue.
2 Ulltra clear screen protectors.
2 Branded cleaning cloths – 6×4 inches, white or green, yellow

* MP3 player is not included.


** If you have never apply the screen guard by yourself, please kindly read the instruction on the stickers, and apply it on Nano screen carefully.

A screen guard package includes 3 layers of films: front mask with sticker – (middle)screen guard – back mask with sticker.

Below are important steps to follow:

1. Clean your device screen with cleaning cloth;

2. Peel off the back mask with the sticker, align with your Nano screen carefully and apply on it;

3. Use the squeegee to remove bubble if any;

4. Peel off the front mask with the sticker.

The STICKER helps to remove the mask from the screen guard. When peeling off the mask, the sticker is supposed to come off with the mask. However some users complained that the sticker will not come off completely? This problem may occur only if the lower side of the sticker is pressed by the holding hand. And it may happen more often with big hands especially when this screen guard is small. So to avoid ruining the screen guard, please leave the holding hand off the sticker position and peel off the mask carefully.
Kindly see the pictures on the product detail page!

$ 11.99

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