Waterproof iPod Shuffle with Headphones

Super-charge your swim and surf experience by enjoying your favorite music under water with the impenetrable Swim Audio iPod Shuffle.

Our FULLY WATERPROOF Shuffles are genuine Apple iPod Shuffles that have been precision-armored from the inside out against water intrusion. With our waterproofing system, all the original Apple iPod Shuffle functionality is fully available for use under water. They are completely safe for use in the ocean or the pool.

Unlike ordinary iPod Shuffles, the Swim Audio Waterproof iPod Shuffle is completely submersible and excels in even the toughest oceanic conditions, including sea depths of up to 210 feet (with proper diver gear and headphones). Our waterproofing system renders the Apple iPod Shuffle safe for use in high water temperatures too -so you can enjoy your favorite tunes while relaxing in the Jacuzzi or hydro therapy pool.

The seaworthy Swim Audio Shuffle is backed by an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee. It also comes with a 1-year replacement guarantee should it cease to function due to water related damage.

Price reduction for a limited time.

Our breakthrough waterproofing system is grounded first and foremost in the science of magnetic polarity and the chemistry of protective solvents.

The genius of our waterproofing compound is that it leverages the unique polarity of the Shuffle’s circuitry to create an impermeable sealant barrier that firmly grips the Shuffle’s circuitry with the strength of powerful magnets, rendering the Shuffle’s circuitry impervious to water even in extreme sea turbulence. With our magnetic sealant, water pressure is simply no match for the Swim Audio Shuffle in up to 210 feet under the sea. That is why the Swim Audio Shuffle is truly seaworthy grade -the laws of electrostatic science securely bind our powerful sealant to the Shuffle’s metal casing and circuitry.

$ 114.95

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