Samsung Galaxy S10+ camera test vs iPhone XS, Pixel 3, and Nokia 9

We put the camera on the Galaxy S10+ to the test in another episode of Last Cam Standing. … [Read more...]

Motiv Ring review: a stylish fitness tracker wrapped around your finger

The Motiv Ring is a stylish fitness tracker that shrinks down the guts of a traditional wearable to fit in a ring. The Motiv Ring blends into your wardrobe better than anything Fitbit has offered to date, but it’s a new device that’s severely lacking in app and community features—an area of strength of Fitbit.In this review I’ll go over the Motiv … [Read more...]

8bitdo SN30 Pro review: A Super Nintendo-inspired controller for the PC


8bitdo has another retro-inspired controller on their hands, and this is the best one yet. … [Read more...]

Tested: Galaxy Note 8 Live Focus vs iPhone 7 Plus Portrait Mode

The Galaxy Note 8 is the first Samsung phone to feature a dual lens camera system. Similar to Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus, it includes a telephoto lens paired with a standard lens. This allows both phones to deliver fun depth of field effects—but does one company do bokeh better? Let’s check out the differences between their approaches, and see if one … [Read more...]

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