iCloud data for Chinese accounts moved to servers belonging to state-owned China Telecom

A second change to the way iCloud data is stored for Chinese iCloud accounts has raised further concerns about the ease with which the government could access sensitive information. Apple has confirmed a report that data has now been moved to servers owned by China Telecom, a state-owned company … more… … [Read more...]

Review: The BenQ ScreenBar is a really neat Mac/monitor desk light that takes up no space


Many years ago, I used a desk striplight with a clamp. I clamped it to the back of my desk, then adjusted the angle arm so it was just above and in front of my monitor. That way, it lit the desk, didn’t cast any light onto my monitor, and effectively took up no space. It took some time to find a suitable light, and a fair amount of messing … [Read more...]

Now you can play Mario Kart in Fortnite … kind of!


When Epic Games created Playground Mode in Fortnite, allowing an hour of safe play to familiarize yourself with the environment, they probably never imagined someone would use the time to do this … more… … [Read more...]

Apple Pay said to be launching soon in the Czech Republic; maybe also Revolut app

Apple Pay has launched in three more countries in the last month or so, and a local site suggests that the Czech Republic may be joining the list within the next couple of months … more… … [Read more...]

Instagram long-form videos reportedly launching today, with celebrity-led push

We heard earlier this month that Instagram was planning support for long-form videos of up to an hour, and a new report suggests that the feature will launch today, with a few more details emerging … more… … [Read more...]

After Poland, Apple Pay launches in Norway, with three banks for now

Just one day after Apple Pay went live in Poland, the mobile wallet service has today been rolled out in Norway. Three banks support the service at launch … more… … [Read more...]

Facebook makes it easier to delete apps, but won’t extend European privacy standards to US


Facebook continues to work on regaining the trust of users after the Cambridge Analytica revelations. After earlier pointing to instructions for removing permissions granted to apps running on the platform, the company has now streamlined the process to make it easier to do … more… … [Read more...]

Korean report claims Apple will drop the iPhone X notch in 2019 iPhones

A Korean report claims that Apple will drop the notch from its 2019 OLED iPhones. The company is said to be working on a new design where the screen will ‘completely fill the front of new iPhones.’ No details are provided about how Apple would deal with all of the technology currently housed in the notch. This includes the front-facing … [Read more...]

Bank of New York Mellon will administer escrow fund for Apple’s disputed back-tax bill

A bank has now been appointed to manage the escrow fund for the €15B ($18.6B) in back-taxes the European Union decided Apple had to pay to the Irish government. It took some time to agree the arrangements as Apple expects to get the money back at the end of a legal battle expected to take many years, and it will want to ensure the funds have been … [Read more...]

Trump administration talks escalating trade war; worst-case scenario could hurt Apple

Not content with threatening import tariffs on aluminum and steel that could badly damage US automative and aircraft industries but have little impact on Apple, Trump is now considering far broader forms of protectionism. His latest proposals could hit consumer electronics imported from China, with ‘the most severe scenario’ seeing … [Read more...]

Apple Pay takes further backseat in China as company to accept Alipay in retail stores

Apple has had to work hard to promote Apple Pay in China due to the popularity of existing, local mobile wallet apps like WeChat Pat and Alipay. The company had already bowed to the inevitable in allowing local apps to be used for online payments, but is now set to go even further … more… … [Read more...]

Apple customers could get cheaper financing through Goldman Sachs deal

Apple is reportedly in talks with investment bank Goldman Sachs to offer new financing to consumers buying iPhones, watches and other devices. For some customers, this could offer them a better deal than they can get today. Few details are revealed, so it’s not known whether this would supplement or replace either of Apple’s existing … [Read more...]

Amazon & Google likely lost money on smart speakers in run-up to HomePod launch, say analysts

Amazon and Google discounted their smart speakers so deeply in the holiday sales that they likely lost money on each unit, say analysts. Amazon discounted its Echo Dot to $29.99 in the run-up to the holidays, with the Google Home Mini also seen for the same price in various sales. The two companies’ willingness to lose money on the hardware … [Read more...]

LG will supply OLED screens for larger 6.5-inch iPhone, while Samsung sticks to 5.8-inch model, says report

A KGI report back in November said that Apple was working on two OLED iPhones for 2018, an updated version of the 5.8-inch iPhone X and a larger, 6.5-inch Plus model. A supply-chain report today states that while Samsung will remain the sole or primary supplier of the OLED panels for the smaller model, LG will supply the panels for the 6.5-inch … [Read more...]

After LG’s 34-inch Thunderbolt 3 monitor, Samsung announces the first curved one

It’s a couple of weeks since LG announced its upcoming 34-inch ultrawide Thunderbolt 3 monitor, and now Samsung has done the same. While LG has the higher resolution – effectively between 4K and 5K – Samsung is hoping that its curved design will win fans … more… … [Read more...]

Energous gets FCC approval for first distance charging system ahead of CES demo

While contact-based wireless charging can be handy, the true holy grail is long-range charging – allowing all products to be automatically charged anywhere in a room. We’re not quite there yet, but Energous has been working on the technology for some time now, and has just announced an important step along the way. The company has received … [Read more...]

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