Facebook trialling system to combat revenge porn – but you have to upload your nudes …


Facebook is trialling an interesting new approach to combatting revenge porn, when someone uploads intimate photos of a former partner to the Internet. The system it is trying would prevent specific photos ever being uploaded to Facebook, Instagram or Messenger – but you do have to privately share them with Facebook first … more… … [Read more...]

Majority of iPhones & iPads now running iOS 11, but adoption lagging due to iPhone X


Apple has updated its App Store developer page showing that the majority of iPhones and iPads are now running iOS 11 … more… … [Read more...]

Apple Pay expands in Spain as CaixaBank joins Santander and American Express

Customers of the Spanish bank CaixaBank can now use Apple Pay, the bank confirming in a blog post that the service is already live. As you’d expect, this includes its mobile banking brand, ImaginBank … more… … [Read more...]

Gmail iOS app trialling access to third-party email accounts in beta program

If you prefer the Gmail iOS app to Apple’s Mail app and wish you could use it for non-Gmail accounts too, you may be in luck. Google is currently trialling access to Outlook, Hotmail, Live, Yahoo and others in a new beta … more… … [Read more...]

Delayed messages bug in High Sierra may relate to planned iCloud message syncing

Some macOS High Sierra users are reporting delays in receiving iMessages on their Macs, while also finding that they are no longer receiving iMessage notifications on their iOS devices and Apple Watches … more… … [Read more...]

Bizarrely, the one studio that hasn’t signed up for 4K movies on Apple TV is Disney


Apple had great news for movie lovers yesterday: not only would it be selling 4K movies for the same price as existing HD ones, but you’ll be able to upgrade existing purchases to the higher resolution completely free of charge. However, while most major studies are in on the deal, there’s one odd omission: Disney … more… … [Read more...]

Investors and analysts unfazed by late availability of iPhone X, remain bullish


While it had been clear before the launch that Apple was struggling with iPhone X production, with everyone talking about extremely constrained supply, and some reports of a delayed launch, most were still surprised that the device wouldn’t begin shipping until November 3. But investors seem unmoved by the news, AAPL’s stock price … [Read more...]

Apple shares highlight photos from yesterday’s iPhone X launch [Gallery]


We shared some of our own photos from yesterday’s event, and now Apple has put together its own set of shots to give a sense of the day. These show attendees arriving at the Steve Jobs Theater, the main speakers presenting and the hands-on demos following the presentation … more… … [Read more...]

Apple & other tech companies ask U.S. Supreme Court to apply 4th Amendment protection to location data


Apple has joined with Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Verizon and others in asking the U.S. Supreme Court to rule that 4th Amendment protections apply to cellphone location data. This would mean that location data could not be accessed without a warrant or court order. The issue is before the Supreme Court as a result of a 2011 conviction … … [Read more...]

Crazy rumor time: blurry images claim to show a ’60-inch OLED Apple television’


Four photos have been posted to Chinese social media site Weibo claiming to show an ‘OLED Apple television’ of around 60 inches. There are, however, just a few problems with this claim … more… … [Read more...]

iOS 11 allows you to delete rarely-used apps but retain their settings and data

If your device is tight on storage, deleting rarely-used apps is one way to free up space. But up until now it’s come at a price: you lose your settings and data for the app, meaning you have to start again if you re-download it in future. A nice feature in iOS 11 means that’s no longer the case … more… … [Read more...]

First look at Apple’s iPhone screen repair machine in action as it comes to Best Buy & other retailers [Gallery]

Four years after building machines to allow damaged iPhone screens to be repaired in Apple Stores, the company will now be allowing third-party repair companies to use them. This means you’ll be able to get an Apple-standard repair for a broken iPhone screen at other retailers, including Best Buy … more… … [Read more...]

Apple opening up (some) access to the iPhone’s NFC chip in iOS 11

Third-party app developers will for the first time get access to the NFC chip in the iPhone 7/Plus (and presumably this year’s iPhones) in iOS 11. To date, only Apple Pay has been allowed to use the near-field communications chip. Apple’s WWDC keynote did give one hint that use of the chip was being extended beyond payment when it … [Read more...]

Latest Kantar data shows why India is so important to Apple’s future growth

India may be a small market for Apple right now, but the latest Kantar data shows why the company is placing such an emphasis on the country. While worldwide smartphone growth is just 3%, smartphone penetration in India grew by 16% year-on-year in the first quarter of 2017. Purchase intention also shows great prospects for Apple … … [Read more...]

Design student imagines really cool new approach to discovery within Apple Music

A design student whose work was praised by Apple as the company turned him down for an internship decided to take the feedback to heart. When Apple told Northwestern Uni student Jason Yuan they wanted to see more growth and training, he decided to work on this by redesigning the iOS Apple Music app. The project began with qualitative research – … [Read more...]

EU planning a new law addressing ‘unfair contractual clauses’ following Spotify’s complaint against Apple

The European Union is planning a new law to address what it describes as ‘unfair contractual clauses’ following a complaint by Spotify, Deezer and others. While Apple was not specifically named in the complaint, Spotify considers it unfair that Apple takes a 15% cut of in-app subscription purchases, arguing that this makes it less … [Read more...]

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