Nest smart thermostat to support room-by-room control; Nest Cam adding face-recognition; more – Bloomberg

Alphabet’s Nest is developing remote sensors for its smart thermostat to allow temperature to be controlled on a room-by-room basis, reports Bloomberg. Competing smart thermostat products typically use units attached to radiators that detect the room temperature and adjust the flow to each room. more…Filed under: Apple … [Read more...]

Apple once more dominates global smartphone profits, though less dramatically

The latest estimates from Strategy Analytics show that Apple continues to take home the lion’s share of total profits in the worldwide smartphone market. While Apple’s slice of the profits has fallen from the 92%+ it has achieved in previous years, it still hit an impressive 79.2% last year, reports Korea Herald. Apple captured 79.2 … [Read more...]

Apple’s supplier clean energy program hits Japan, includes large floating solar facilities

Apple has long been committed to using renewable energy for its own operations, and in 2015 extended that goal to its suppliers, starting with China. In its 2016 supplier responsibility report, the company said that its energy efficiency program had reduced carbon emissions by more than 13,800 metric tons. Today, Apple has announced that the … [Read more...]

As US suicide rate surges, Facebook using AI to detect those at risk, offering help

Facebook has begun using artificial intelligence to identify those who may be at risk of committing suicide, reports the BBC. more…Filed under: Apple … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S8 leaks preview the kind of form factor we’re expecting from the iPhone 8

With the iPhone 8 expected to adopt a near-bezel-free design, featuring a curved OLED screen, we’ve today been given a preview of the type of look we might expect – from Apple’s biggest competitor. The latest leaks of the Samsung Galaxy S8, due to be launched next month, show exactly this type of form factor. Samsung has, however, taken … [Read more...]

Apple’s spaceship campus officially named Apple Park; auditorium is Steve Jobs Theater

Apple has today announced the official name of its spaceship campus: Apple Park. The 1,000-seat auditorium will be named the Steve Jobs Theater. The company also revealed the timeline for employees to move into the campus … more…Filed under: Apple … [Read more...]

Apple finally admits it has an office in Cambridge, England, reportedly home to Siri researchers

We first heard two years ago that Apple was opening its first office in Cambridge, England, at a location close to the world-famous university. Back in November, a report said that the offices housed former VocalIQ employees performing R&D work on Siri, but at the time Apple wasn’t even admitting that it had a presence there. … [Read more...]

Sexism rules in voice assistant genders, show studies, but Siri stands out

Studies cited by the WSJ show that sexist attitudes are alive and well when it comes to preferences for gender in the voices of intelligent assistants. An Indiana university study found that both men and women prefer a female voice, finding it welcoming, warm and nurturing. Microsoft and Amazon found the same thing in their own research. Even more … [Read more...]

The average US iPhone user spent $40 on apps last year, downloaded 33 apps

The average U.S. iPhone user spent $40 on apps & in-app purchases last year, according to research by Sensor Tower. This was up from $35 the previous year. Unsurprisingly, games account for by far the biggest chunk of this – some $27 of the $40 total – but it was another category that saw the largest percentage increase … … [Read more...]

Tim Cook sells $7.2M worth of AAPL shares this month, as scheduled back in 2015

Two Securities and Exchanges Commission filings show that Tim Cook sold a total of 60,000 AAPL shares this month – in six batches of 10,000 shares each – for a total of around $7.2M. more…Filed under: Apple … [Read more...]

After AT&T price hike, Verizon goes after Unlimited users too, with new disconnection threat [Poll]

Carriers seem to have decided it’s open season on those grandfathered into unlimited data plans. After AT&T applied a second price rise in a year, Verizon is now threatening to disconnect those using more than 200GB of data per month – seemingly more serious about this than an earlier threat to those using half this. While the … [Read more...]

End-to-end encryption option added to CareKit, allows greater use by hospitals

Apple has partnered with a security company to add full end-to-end encryption to CareKit data, making it easier for hospitals to use the platform while remaining compliant with patient data regulations. CareKit allows patients to choose to share health data from an app on their iPhone with the physicians treating them. While CareKit data is already … [Read more...]

iFixit joins iPhone’s 10th anniversary celebrations with ten years of teardowns

With the 10th anniversary of the iPhone getting plenty of attention, iFixit has joined in by posting photos and repairability scores for every iPhone from the first generation (left) to iPhone 7 (right). While iFixit of courses focuses on the repairability of the different models (noting that the first ever iPhone was the worst, with a score of … [Read more...]

Garmin’s latest in-car satnav units use iPhone connectivity for live traffic, parking & tracking

Garmin has announced new versions of its Garmin Drive range of in-car satellite navigation devices, using Bluetooth connectivity to an iPhone or Android phone to provide additional functionality. Most are available in a choice of 5- and 6.95-inch models, somewhat confusingly indicated by 51 and 61 suffixes. The entry-level Garmin Drive 51/61 adds … [Read more...]

Apple Watch store-in-a-store in London’s Selfridges closes as Galeries Lafayette expected to follow suit

Upmarket London department store Selfridges has closed its Apple Watch store-within-a-store. The dedicated area was part of its Wonder Room, a room devoted to watches and jewellery and described by the store as ‘a unique destination that plays host to the world’s most desirable brands.’ more…Filed under: Apple … [Read more...]

Opinion: My end-of-year report card for Apple’s 2016 performance

Apple had rather a controversial year in terms of product launches. Its two new flagship products – the iPhone 7 and the new MacBook Pro – got most attention not for what they included, but rather what they left out. Most of the press coverage of the iPhone 7 focused on the company’s decision to omit the 3.5mm headphone socket. This was … [Read more...]

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