Engineer who wrote 6% of OS X kernel shares a few snippets about iPhone secrecy

Terry Lambert, a former senior software engineer who claims he wrote about 6% of the OS X kernel, has shared a few snippets about the secrecy surrounding the original iPhone project, codenamed Project Purple. Writing in a Quora post last month, Lambert says he was brought into the project to help debug the kernel. more…Filed under: Apple … [Read more...]

Make money from your awesome ‘Shot on iPhone 7’ photos with Adobe Stock Contributor [Video]

While companies like Apple shoot most of their own photography and/or create their own renders, most companies rely a great deal on so-called ‘stock photography’ – photos shot on spec by photographers in the hope of licensing them to companies later. Selling stock photography can be extremely hard work. You have to upload and keyword … [Read more...]

More evidence of all-glass iPhone next year as Foxconn develops glass casing

A pair of KGI reports in March and April suggested that Apple would be switching back from aluminum to glass iPhone casings in 2017, and this is now backed by a Nikkei story today. Foxconn Technology Group is developing a glass casing for smartphones as its key client Apple Inc. is said to be revamping the iPhone, people familiar with the … [Read more...]

Opinion: Two factors explain Tim Cook’s optimism versus Wall Street’s pessimism

Tim Cook’s interview on CNBC last night highlighted the huge gulf between his optimistic view of Apple’s future prospects, and the pessimistic one being expressed in both Wall Street commentary and the share price. The share price speaks for itself. As Business Insider notes, the stock has dropped 11% since Apple announced its … [Read more...]

Opinion: iTunes is now so clunky the only safe solution is to nuke it from orbit

I’ve complained before about the massive missed opportunity of Apple failing to properly integrate both owned and streamed music within iTunes. I got over that enough to use and enjoy Apple Music, and I’m confident I’ll be continuing my subscription once Apple starts charging my card, despite the raw deal we get on pricing in the … [Read more...]

Motorola announces iOS-compatible Bluetooth headphones: on-ear, and sports-oriented in-ear

As part of a launch event for its new Android smartphones, Motorola has announced two new Bluetooth headphones it’s hoping might also appeal to iPhone users. The $59.99 Moto pulse are stylish-looking on-ear headphones with beefy 40mm drivers, fold-flat ear cups for portability and a claimed 18-hour battery life. The $69.99 Moto surround … [Read more...]

Apple Music diary one week in: A massive missed opportunity, but I think I’m sold

I gave my first impressions of Apple Music on day two, and my main disappointment remains: despite putting both owned and streamed music into a single app, there is absolutely no real integration between the two. All the evidence suggests that Apple Music has no awareness of my owned music. I’ll get past that in a moment, but bear with me first for … [Read more...]

Apple announces that its first Apple Store in Queens, New York opens this Saturday

Apple has announced on its website that its first retail store in Queens will open on Saturday 11th July at 1oam. We exclusively revealed that the store was on the way back in February, with the first construction shots seen later the same month and signage appearing in May. The new store is located on the second floor of the Queens Center mall in … [Read more...]

Review: House of Marley Liberate XLBT environmentally-friendly over-ear Bluetooth headphones

Friends have often expressed surprise at the fact that I continue to use wired headphones. My beautifully-portable and much-loved Bowers & Wilkins P5 headphones go with me almost everywhere, while my Master & Dynamic MH40s are my go-to headphones in the living room. Friends know my aversion to visible cables, and I’m usually an … [Read more...]

Adobe integrates stock image purchases into Creative Cloud as it updates its 15 CC apps

Alongside the updates to its mobile apps yesterday, Adobe has also updated its entire suite of Creative Cloud desktop apps and launched a new Adobe Stock images service integrated within those apps – something the company says “radically simplifies” the process of buying and using stock images. “Adobe Stock extends Creative Cloud’s … [Read more...]

Automatic upgrades $100 Bluetooth car dongle, launches ‘app store for cars’

Automatic, a Bluetooth dongle that plugs into your car’s on-board diagnostic port to stream data to your iPhone, has been updated to a new version capable of streaming to two apps at the same time. The company has also launched an ‘app store for cars’ in the form of a webpage with download links to 22 apps that are compatible with … [Read more...]

German Apple Stores drop most carriers, iPhones & iPads available on Deutsche Telekom only

German Apple Stores have dropped Vodafone and O2 contracts for both iPhones and iPads, offering them only with Deutsche Telekom contracts or SIM-free. The change affects only post-paid contracts: pre-paid SIMs remain available on Vodafone. The change in policy was reported by Teltarif and confirmed to us by two different Apple Stores in the … [Read more...]

Inklet plug-in adds pressure-sensitive drawing on new Force Touch MacBook trackpad

Ten One Design has released an updated version of its drawing plug-in, Inklet, adding pressure-sensitive drawing on the new Force Touch trackpad in all Mac drawing apps, including Photoshop, Lightroom, Aperture and Illustrator. The new trackpad was introduced by Apple on the 12-inch MacBook and 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display. This means … [Read more...]

Review: Vellum, the ebook generator for Mac with added prettiness

One of the great things about technology is the way it has democratized the publishing world. Today, anyone can publish an ebook on iBooks and Amazon, whether as a freebie or a commercial book. Creating an ebook isn’t difficult. If you’ve written your book in Pages, you can export to EPUB–the format needed for iBooks–direct from the … [Read more...]

Review: Escali connected bathroom & kitchen scales make dieting smart and simple

If there’s one thing almost as certain as death and taxes, it’s the gastronomic over-indulgences during the holidays and the consequent new year diet needed to undo the damage. In my particular case, a temporary drop in my main form of regular exercise–cycling–didn’t help matters. But if there’s anything that can provide … [Read more...]

Security researcher rewrites Mac firmware over Thunderbolt, says most Intel Thunderbolt Macs vulnerable

A security researcher speaking at the Chaos Computer Congress in Hamburg demonstrated a hack that rewrites an Intel Mac’s firmware using a Thunderbolt device with attack code in an option ROM. Known as Thunderstrike, the proof of concept presented by Trammel Hudson infects the Apple Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI) in a way he … [Read more...]

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