AAPL stock drops 8 percent on iPhone numbers and flat guidance

Despite Apple returning to growth for the first time in a year, AAPL stock opened almost 8 percent down, as iPhone sales fell below analyst predictions and Apple’s mid-point guidance on Q2 earnings forecast was for zero growth. Analysts had predicted 55.3M iPhone sales, while Apple reported sales of 51M. Analysts were also disappointed in … [Read more...]

A billion smartphones were sold last year, says IDC

Image: A billion smartphones were sold in 2013, according to IDC data, the first time the milestone has been hit. The number represents one smartphone sale for every seventh man, woman and child on the planet. IDC says that price has been the main driver for growth, putting yesterday’s market share stats into … [Read more...]

Cydia app for jailbroken devices updated with iOS 7 look and feel

Jailbreaking may be for those who want the freedom to step outside of what Apple has decided iOS devices should do, but even jailbreakers are not immune to the influence of the company’s design guidelines, it seems. The Cydia app, which allows users of jailbroken iPhones and iPads to install software not available on the App Store, has been … [Read more...]

“Small, fast and in a league of its own” – the early Mac Pro verdicts are in

Audiovisual professionals may have had a very long wait for a new Mac Pro, and that wait may not be quite over, but from the early hands-on reviews it seems they’re unlikely to be disappointed. The real performance of the machine is currently only being seen with Final Cut Pro, which Apple optimized to take full advantage of the dual GPUs, … [Read more...]

AAPL stock more than 3 percent up on China Mobile news

After the fall in Apple’s stock value when the China Mobile failed to materialise as expected on 18th December, yesterday’s news that the deal had finally been concluded sent the stock shooting back up again, having climbed more than 3 percent at the time of writing (it was up 4% in pre-market trading but has settled). With the WSJ … [Read more...]

Ben’s holiday gift guide – my top 10 favorite gadgets of the year

If you’re looking for inspiration for holiday gifts for an Apple fan in your life, we thought it might prove useful if a bunch of us here at 9to5Mac put together our top gadget recommendations. I’ve tried to cover a range of price-points, though admittedly I don’t have much to suggest at the stocking-filler end … MacBook Air … [Read more...]

Mini review: Elgato Thunderbolt Drive+ (512GB external SSD)

I should say at the outset that this is not cheap. Very not cheap. What you’re looking at is $890′s worth of external drive in the 512GB version I have here, or $500 for the 256GB model. This is not a drive aimed at a consumer wanting a bit of external storage for their movies, but rather a high-performance drive aimed at audiovisual … [Read more...]

Literal camera shootout tests iPhone 5s slo-mo by shooting iPhone 5c

Whenever a new phone comes out, there are always a bunch of drop-test videos, keen to see how the handset fares when dropped onto various surfaces. Rated RR‘s tests are a little more … extreme. Generally involving a 50-cal rifle. So when they wanted to see how the iPhone 5s 120fps slo-mo performs, what else would they do to find out but … [Read more...]

Stock shortages suggest possible new iMac and Airport Express on the way

MacRumors is citing low stocks of Airport Express base stations as suggesting that a faster 802.11ac model is expected soon to match the capabilities of the latest Macs. This would offer wifi speeds almost three times faster than current 802.11n models, a capability that has already been incorporated into the current Airport Extreme and Time … [Read more...]

Plastic iPhone appears key to emerging markets as iPhone falls to 7th place in China

New figures from analysts Canalys show that the iPhone fell from 5th to 7th place in its Chinese market share in the last quarter, being overtaken by local companies Huawei and Xiaomi. Apple now has 4.8 percent of the smartphone market in China …  The news appears to underline the rationale behind Apple’s plastic iPhone. While Apple … [Read more...]

Fingerprint sensors the new black for smartphones as Korean firm Pantech launches the first

Fingerprint sensors are starting to look like the new must-have smartphone feature as Korean firm Pantech launches its first, ahead of the long-rumored fingerprint sensor for the iPhone 5S. There have also been conflicting rumors that the LG G2, due for launch tomorrow, will or won’t have a fingerprint sensor – we’ll soon find … [Read more...]

We might not see a 5120×2880 pixel iMac, but 4K displays this year from Apple make sense

. A tweet by a German web design exec suggesting that the resolution of a piece of Mavericks wallpaper suggests a Retina iMac with a resolution of 5120 … [Read more...]

Best Apple deals found 3-9 months after launch

An analysis of discount patterns by Dealnews reveals the not entirely surprising news that the best deals on Apple products are typically to be had 3 to 9 months after launch. While waiting that long for a product you don’t yet own may be a considerable test of one’s patience, savings of up to $350 may be sufficient incentive to delay … [Read more...]

Adding mobile hits takes Apple’s website into top 10

Apple, ranked last year as the world’s 11th most popular website, has now climbed to the No. 8 slot after web analytics company ComScore rather belatedly started measuring mobile as well as desktop access. // The average top 100 website sees a 38 percent audience gain when mobile is included, but Apple has the largest … [Read more...]

Smartwatch race is on as Samsung confirms it’s in the game

Samsung has confirmed to Bloomberg the rumors that it’s working on a smartwatch to rival the widely-speculated Apple iWatch. Known for being a ‘fast follower’, a company that, er, watches what others do and aims to quickly launch a competitive product, Samsung appears to be following Apple’s lead in revealing nothing at all … [Read more...]

Qantas Hands Out iPads With Access to Streamed In-Flight Entertainment [iOS Blog]

Qantas Hands Out iPads With Access to Streamed In-Flight Entertainment [iOS Blog]

Australian airline Qantas is handing out iPads with access to its Wi-Fi-streamed in-flight entertainment service Q Streaming, reports AFP (via AppleInsider). The iPad-based service was first tested on a single 767 in 2011, offering streaming access to over 200 hours of movies, TV shows and music, and is now being introduced on its 767 flights … [Read more...]

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