Ausounds AU Stream ANC review: Impressive sound and active noise cancellation

Active noise cancellation is still a rarity when it comes to true wireless earbuds, and it’s generally an expensive feature, to boot. Enter the Ausounds AU Stream ANC earphones, a pair of relatively compact and comfortable Bluetooth earbuds that pack in impressive sound, a water-resistant design, and solid noise-cancellation abilities for a r … [Read more...]

Vizio SB36514-G6 Home Theater Sound System review: Impressive sound, but we had Chromecast issues

We loved its true surround sound and immersive Dolby Atmos effects, but the Vizio SB36514-G6 gave us trouble when it came to iOS 13 and Chromecast. … [Read more...]

Anker Soundcore Motion+ Bluetooth speaker review: Big sound in a rugged, compact package

This $100 Bluetooth speaker could do with a little more high-end detail, but its attention to mid-range audio pays dividends when it comes to delivering rich, robust sound. … [Read more...]

Bang & Olufsen’s first soundbar boasts Dolby Atmos and AirPlay 2 support

Slated to arrive this fall, Bang & Olufsen’s sleek soundbar comes with 11 powered drivers, Dolby Atmos, AirPlay 2, and built-in Chromecast support. … [Read more...]

Samsung HW-Q70R soundbar review: This easy-to-install soundbar delivers Dolby Atmos and DTS:X

Yes, it’s pricey, but the Samsung HW-Q70R lets you add rich, detailed, and immersive sound, complete with Dolby Atmos and DTS;X support, to your TV in a matter of minutes. … [Read more...]

Why your next smart bulb might have Bluetooth inside

While the Zigbee wireless standard has traditionally ruled the roost when it comes to wireless smart bulb protocols, Bluetooth appears to be gaining momentum. … [Read more...]

6 great Android features missing from iOS 11

Sure, iOS 11 looks cool, but when you compare it to Android it still comes up short in some key ways, from multiple user profiles to one-touch Google searches. Read all about it here. … [Read more...]

5 handy things the Photos app can do with your iPhone snapshots

With its various “Moments,” “Collections,” and “Memories,” the iOS Photos app has become almost as confusing and frustrating to use as Apple Music. (Don’t get me started.)But once you get your bearings, there are still plenty of nifty things you can do with your snapshots in Photos. From creating instant, one-tap movies and pasting shapes and captio … [Read more...]

6 easy ways to customize Safari on iPhone and iPad

If you’ve ever been miffed that iOS reveals your “frequently visited” websites whenever you tap Safari’s address bar, good news: that’s one of several Safari options that you can easily change. Not only can you hide Safari’s “Frequently Visited Sites” feature, you can also change the way newly opened tabs behave, pick a new folder for your Favorites … [Read more...]

4 ways to be a considerate late-night iPhone or iPad user

There’s nothing like a late-night chapter of a Kindle book to put me right to sleep, but the glow of my iPhone’s screen tends to keep my wife awake—and if a jarring iOS notification sounds or buzzes, well, that certainly doesn’t help her slumber.While the new Night Shift mode (which finally works even when iOS’s low-power mode is enabled) will suppo … [Read more...]

11 gotta-know iOS camera tricks for beginners

The original iOS Camera app was so simple, toddlers could master it—and often did. Indeed, there was little more than a viewfinder, a shutter release, and a toggle that let you switch between still photos and videos.Over the years, the iOS camera interface has evolved into a sleek, sometimes confounding array of barely there buttons, swiveling s … [Read more...]

4 tricks for Messages in iOS 8

The standard iOS Messages app—you know, the app you use daily for trading all those text messages, photos, and videos—can do much more than you might think. Not only can you forward any text messages you receive, you can also find out when a given message was sent or received, shush an annoying group thread, and sync Messages between your iOS dev … [Read more...]

9 typing tips every iPhone and iPad user should know

Wish it were a little easier to type in ALL CAPS on your iPhone, or ever get stumped while looking for the em dash? What about typing letters with accent marks, or dealing with cumbersome URLs? Or maybe you’re just hankering for an alternative to tapping on a slippery glass screen. These 9 tips can make typing on your iPhone or iPad a little e … [Read more...]

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