BrandPost: APT28: A complex Mac virus that may signal the shape of tomorrow’s malware

Macs are the go-to device for professionals and high-level officials the world over. Beautifully designed, extremely optimized for performance, and tagged with a price that reflects a premium product, Macs are more than a tool – they are a statement. In keeping with this reputation, you would not expect malware designed for Macs to be the … [Read more...]

BrandPost: The Age of Modern Mac Malware

Apple fans might remember 2010 mostly for the launch of the iPad, rather than the Boonana Trojan that hit Macs the same year. Boonana was one of the first pieces of malware to leverage the increased popularity of social media networks like Facebook to spread itself from one wall to another.Although most computer users are now familiar with threats … [Read more...]

BrandPost: The Dawn. First Mac-Developed Virus

It’s hard to picture the world more than 30 years ago if you didn’t live in those times. Technology, communications, and multimedia were fundamentally different in the days when personal computers were a rare find in any neighborhood, let alone in every home, and wireless communications were mentioned in science-fiction literature more than … [Read more...]

BrandPost: How to design an environmentally friendly website

Your website could be doing a lot more harm to the planet than you think. It might seem like a flash on a screen couldn’t cause much damage, but every small feature of your site has a discernible impact on the environment, with more complex features requiring greater resources to maintain. Over time and in great quantities, it adds up. Many factors … [Read more...]

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