Apple to Work with Indian Authorities on Anti-Spam App


The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) launched a DnD or Do Not Disturb app last year on Android, allowing users to block spam numbers. The app couldn’t make its way to the App Store, however, with Apple raising concerns over privacy. But it seems like Apple has changed its mind with the company now looking to work with TRAI to … [Read more...]

Revamped Warby Parker App Uses the iPhone X Face Mapping System to Recommend Eyeglasses


Warby Parker has just updated its iPhone app with an interesting new feature exclusively for iPhone X owners. Leveraging the TrueDepth API, the app can now take a map of your face and suggest the ideal fit for eyeglasses. It’s a game changing update, and something that could make lives a lot easier for those who shop online for glasses. The … [Read more...]

Taylor Swift’s New Album Won’t Launch on Apple Music and Other Streaming Services for a Week


“Reputation”, Taylor Swift’s upcoming studio album will reportedly stay away from streaming services, including Apple Music, for a week. The album can still be purchased on the iTunes Store on November 10 when it is officially released. Continue reading → … [Read more...]

Honolulu Becomes the First City to Ban Looking at the Phone While Crossing the Street

After passing a law that prohibits pedestrians from looking at their phone while crossing the street in late July, Honolulu will officially bring this to effect starting today. This makes Honolulu the first city to bring such a system in place. Pedestrians who violate the new ruling will be fined up to $99 by the city depending on the level of … [Read more...]

New Video Demo Reveals Seamless App Switching on the iPhone X

Just as the iPhone X pre-orders are about to begin, a new video demo shows how smooth and seamless the app switching function works on the new handset. Since there’s no home button on the iPhone X, app switching works with a swipe gesture from the left or right of the screen. It was demonstrated on stage by Apple during the iPhone X launch … [Read more...]

Jony Ive: The Launch of the iPhone X on iPhone’s 10th Anniversary a ‘Wonderful Coincidence’

Long before the iPhone X was announced, the general consensus among fans and experts was that Apple was preparing a brand new iPhone lineup to commemorate the 10th year anniversary of the original iPhone. However, Apple’s design head, Jony Ive believes otherwise. He claims this was nothing but a “wonderful coincidence”, suggesting … [Read more...]

Google Pulls YouTube from the Amazon Echo Show

Owners of the Amazon Echo Show were in for a big surprise as Google removed the YouTube app from the home assistant. It seems like Amazon had no prior intimation regarding the removal, which has seemingly left Amazon, and not to mention the customers, quite surprised.  Continue reading → … [Read more...]

Apple Now Offering 32GB Variant of the iPhone 7 in Jet Black


Apple made some changes to its product lineup with the announcement of the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X yesterday. It has now been discovered that Apple is offering the Jet Black version of the iPhone 7 and the 7 Plus in a 32GB configuration. The Jet Black iPhone 7 was previously available only in 128 and 256GB variants. It is interesting to point out … [Read more...]

No, Face ID Didn’t ‘Fail’ During Its First Demonstration at the Apple Event


When Apple took the wraps off the iPhone X yesterday, the entire Apple fanbase collectively gasped and sighed when the Face ID demonstration failed on stage. There have been several theories floating around since then talking about how Apple might not be ready for a feature like this. Safe to say that most of these stories put a negative spin on … [Read more...]

Customers Will Soon Be Able to Interact with Businesses via WhatsApp

WhatsApp has struggled to monetize its service ever since it was launched. The initial $1/year fee didn’t work out well, with the company ditching the option altogether. Now that Facebook owns WhatsApp, there could be some crucial changes coming to the instant messaging platform. According to a dedicated page on WhatsApp’s website, the … [Read more...]

AccuWeather Guilty of Sharing User Location Data with a Third-Party Even When Location Sharing Is Turned Off

An independent investigation by security researcher Will Strafach has revealed how AccuWeather is sharing user location even when location is turned off on an iPhone. The allegations are alarming given that AccuWeather is believed to have relayed the location data to a company called Reveal Mobile which specializes in gathering audience data for ad … [Read more...]

Verizon Now Throttling Video Streaming On All Its Unlimited Plans

Verizon customers recently noticed that their video streaming was being capped to 480p on services like Netflix even when they hadn’t reached their 22GB usage limit. This appears to have been the beginning of a bigger plan, with Verizon now confirming that all video streamed on its unlimited plans will be capped to 480p by default on … [Read more...]

New Leak Reveals iPhone 8’s 3D Sensing Camera Module

A new leak has revealed an image of what is believed to be the 3D sensing camera from the iPhone 8. This sensor is expected to be mounted on the front of the iPhone 8 to allow facial recognition in the form of Face ID. This feature has been confirmed by multiple leaks, including code found within Apple’s HomePod firmware. Continue reading … [Read more...]

Google Brings Trusted Contacts to iOS

Google’s Trusted Contacts application was launched last year on Android as an alternative to third party location sharing apps. Trusted Contacts allows users to share their location with contacts provided that their request was approved by the user. Google is now bringing it to the iOS platform as well. Continue reading → … [Read more...]

Chrome 60 Adds Touch Bar Controls for the MacBook Pro

Google has just introduced Chrome 60 for Macs, which officially brings support for the Touch Bar. After the update, users will be able to add, rearrange or remove the Chrome shortcuts from the Touch Bar. You can even turn off predictive text on Chrome using the Touch Bar. Users can couple this with a bunch of existing Touch Bar settings like … [Read more...]

Twitter Now Lets You Mute Tweets from Strangers

Microblogging app Twitter has turned into a safe haven for online trolls. So much so that some abusers have forced celebrities and major public figures to leave Twitter on account of their abusive tweets. Twitter is now trying to restrict this by giving users more control over their notifications. Continue reading → … [Read more...]

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