How to use Google Photos to backup your iPhone


There’s a good chance you are already backing up your photos and video from your iPhone through iCloud, Google Photos, or another service and that’s great, but I’m also sure you probably have a parent or sibling that isn’t, especially if they’ve already filled up their free allotted iCloud storage. It’s easy with Google Photos to get free … [Read more...]

Sandmarc iPhone X Lenses review: Premium lenses that advance your iPhone photography


The very high end of phone photography has been primarily occupied by Moment lenses and pretty much no one else. Sandmarc, known for its filters and photography accessories for GoPros and drones, is now producing high quality lenses for iPhones—and Sandmarc is giving Moment a run for their money with new wide, fisheye, and macro lenses.The Sandmarc … [Read more...]

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