How to use the over-capture feature in the new iPhone camera to crop and adjust images later

The new iPhone 11 series of phones brings a new way to frame and shoot photos that gives you flexibility after you’ve snapped that shot. The iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max all bring in detail outside your framed preview from the next widest lens as you point at a scene in both portrait and landscape. IDG In the Camera settings in iOS 13, you n … [Read more...]

Why you’re prompted to erase an external drive when you use it with Time Machine

When you attach an external drive to a Mac to use with Time Machine and confirm the prompt that appears asking if you want to use it for that purpose, you may then be prompted to erase the drive. Why does that happen?As noted in previous columns, Apple supports backing up macOS drives in both the older HFS+ (“Mac OS Extended (Journaled)” in Disk Uti … [Read more...]

Postbox 7 review: A clean, full-featured alternative to Apple Mail for the Mac

Many of us spend more time every day in our email client than in any other piece of software. If you’re in sales, marketing, design, HR, PR, or other professional fields with an “R” in the name, you may have to compose and reply to hundreds of messages a day, customizing many to each recipient and creating attractive or well-formatted messages for m … [Read more...]

Where to find app updates in iOS 13 and iPadOS 13

With the release of iOS 13 and the soon-to-be-out iPadOS 13, third-party developers are pushing tens of thousands of app updates out to make their software compatible or take advantage of new features. But if you want to install updates, where can you find them in the new operating system releases? IDG App updates (available and recent) are found … [Read more...]

How to make sure your sent email is copied to the right location in Mail


When you send a message, your computer or mobile device is obviously not “sending” it, any more than a Star Trek transporter is “transporting” people to the surface of a planet. In both cases, the information that makes up the original is sent, but the original remains in place and is optionally deleted. (Yes, the crew is copied then destroyed, othe … [Read more...]

How to load a massive amount of data into Photos on a Mac set to Optimize Mac Storage

iCloud Photos lets you keep full-resolution versions of your images and videos in iCloud storage, while letting you choose to store just optimized versions—thumbnails and low-res video previews—on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. That’s great, especially when you have more media than storage. When you need the full image or video, you can double-click it … [Read more...]

What to do if you’re worried about the legitimacy of a downloaded software installer

You should almost always download installers for apps, drivers, or other software directly from the site operated by the software’s developer. However, sometimes developers rely on third-party sites to host their files. Or you might encounter a situation like mine: I was unable to reach a company’s site recently, as it was temporarily down, and I fo … [Read more...]

How to create a backup plan to restore passwords if your system fails

Password-management apps are a great way to ensure that you create unique, strong passwords for every service, app, or site at which you need one, and you don't have to memorize any of them.However, what happens if you have a catastrophic failure, and can’t access your main computer? What if your backup drives are encrypted? (Yes, I recommend your b … [Read more...]

macOS Mojave: No more controls for photo album screensavers

Sometimes it’s great to have the answer to a negative: Can you flip through photos in a screensaver in macOS 10.14 Mojave when you have a photo album selected while it still plays? The answer is a simple “no.”In previous version of macOS, you could flip through with arrows. That was removed in Mojave without any fanfare, which may explain why so man … [Read more...]

YubiKey 5Ci review: WebAuthn encrypted Lightning key for iPhone and iPad for secure authentication

Yubico's new YubiKey 5Ci is the company's first hardware authentication device with a Lightning adapter for the iPhone. YubiKey provides security that reduces the potential of password-based account hijacking.Just like a second-factor token sent via text message or generated by an authentication app like Google Authenticator or Authy, YubiKey … [Read more...]

Soulver 3 review: Mac app simplifies readable calculations and conversions


Calculations are for computers, but Soulver makes them human again. The app, overhauled for version 3, lets you type in readable and formatted arithmetic calculations, functions, dates, and unit conversions, and get results you can use.It’s particularly useful if you’re constantly working among combinations of units, such as throughput over time (Mb … [Read more...]

How to fix a Spotify playlist’s original order after sorting by category

Spotify has a handsome macOS app for accessing and making playlists, searching its library of music and other audio, and playing it back. But there’s a mystery in its lists: If you click a column heading for a playlist, album, or other view to sort by ascending or descending order, how do you restore the original sequence?This is particularly c … [Read more...]

How to use Keynote to add text overlays in your iMovie projects

iMovie lets you create movies from photos and videos, and while its interface is a little hard to understand in parts, you can overcome those limitations and master it to produce great results. But it has a few missing pieces that typically require you upgrade to something like Adobe Premiere Elements or even Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premiere Pro … [Read more...]

Can’t download an app update? It might be time to update your Mac

There’s got to be the name for the paradox that occurs when you’re told by the Mac App Store that you both have an update for a free or purchased app and you can’t install it. Maybe it’s the Apprisoner’s Dilemma? You might experience this no-win situation when you see a message that says “[app name] can’t be installed on [device] because [OS X/macOS … [Read more...]

How to simulate master page text guides in Pages for macOS

I first started using page-layout software in 1985 with Aldus PageMaker 1.0. If I recall correctly, it took a few years before you could create a master template that had items that appeared on every page, including guides that helped with placement of text and items.With that historical perspective in mind, it's odd that while Pages 8 for macOS … [Read more...]

Moving to a new country? What you need to know about your Apple ID and app purchases

If you find yourself moving from one country to another, you will certainly bring some belongings with you (unless you’re an ascetic). But what of your digital goods? Items you’ve downloaded are typically transportable, but those that you’ve purchased and aren’t currently installed on a device you own could lag behind.Apple relies on a billing addre … [Read more...]

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