How to recover your files when your Mac won’t start up properly


When your Mac won't finish its startup process, how do you get access to the data? That's the problem facing reader Norma Moncrieff with her 2013 MacBook Pro. It won’t boot up. It does turn on, starts to load then freezes. I took it into Apple and they suggested a recovery service. She’d like to recover her photos. While Norma writes that she … [Read more...]

Can ransomware hijack Mac backups? Yes, but…

Mac users have so far avoided the scourge of ransomware sweeping the Windows world, where it’s the fastest-growing category of malware due to its simplicity: it encrypts your documents after gaining a foothold to run, and doesn’t have to mess with system-level stuff at all. Reader Dave has a concern related to backups though, after reading my … [Read more...]

Why continuous backups on your Mac are a good idea

A Macworld reader has concerns that continuous or frequently made automatic backups would impede performance on their computer. They want to only initiate backups manually. I’d argue this is a bad idea.Continuous backups that archive a file whenever changes are made or frequent backups, such as software that checks at a fast interval, like 15 or 60 … [Read more...]

How to delete iOS apps in iTunes for Mac to free up storage

Syncing your iPhone and iPad to your Mac is a good way to keep your devices organized. But if you like to download iOS apps, those apps take up a lot of sotrage space on your Mac. This is the case with reader Lauren King. She finds that a fair amount of storage on her Mac is occupied with iOS apps. She wonders, “Is there a way to delete them from … [Read more...]

How to keep Migration Assistant from overwriting existing files on a new Mac

The Mac has a great app called Migration Assistant that is very helpful when setting up a new Mac and you need to transfer files from an old Mac. Jim O’Reilly asks a great question about using Migration Assistant: If I use Migration Assistant, how can I avoid writing over on the new Mac files with the same name as the corresponding files from the … [Read more...]

How to set network connection priority on a Mac


With different networking options available—ethernet, Wi-Fi, iPhone tethering, etc.—you may find yourself in a situation where you want your Mac to automatically select one type of connection over another. A Macworld reader finds themselves in that exact situation. I’d like to connect to my grandma’s Wi-Fi connection so that I can use her printer. … [Read more...]

When fonts won’t display properly in Safari and Mail, here’s what to do

Don Walker opened Mail in macOS, and discovered a whole bunch of ??????s when trying to read and use the app: Don Walker What the ??? is going on? Maybe a font corruption problem or a font missing altogether. Don writes: System software is up to date. I use Suitcase Fusion and it’s also up to date. I tried booting up without Suitcase but that … [Read more...]

How to split a raw+JPEG photo file into its separate parts

When you use a digital camera, you may have the option to save the photo you've taken as a raw+JPEG file. This is a quasi-standardized file format that bundles a JPEG with the unmodified sensor information that forms a raw file. The benefit of using raw+JPEG include the ability to quickly preview the file anywhere, while also still having access to … [Read more...]

The case of the iMac screen that mysteriously blacks out


Cecil Usher wants to give his granddaughter a 2010-era 27-inch iMac. However, there’s a problem. The screen goes completely black and stays that way for no apparent reason, sometimes shortly after turning the mac on and sometimes not all. Sometimes the screen simply never turns on and stays completely black. When the screen stays on, it looks … [Read more...]

No VPNs in China: Why Apple withdrew VPN apps from its China App Store


Apple recently removed several virtual private network (VPN) apps from its App Store in China. Three VPN providers confirmed removal, and Apple provided a statement that said that regulations put in place in January were the cause. “We have been required to remove some VPN apps in China that do not meet the new regulations,” Apple said in the … [Read more...]

Tempted to muck about in media library folders for Apple apps like Photos? Don’t do it

Ross Millard wrote in with a complaint about Photos for macOS. He notes that he can’t easily find in which folders his images live on his computer when using Photos. He’s used to interacting directly with his media via Aperture, and having it directly accessible. iPhoto also made this easy.Photos, like iTunes and iMovie, doesn’t have a great way … [Read more...]

How to replace the missing optical-digital audio output on newer Macs

Jeff K. has a bone to pick with Apple: I have a great set of speakers that I connected to my old iMac with a optical audio/mini-plug cable through the headphone jack. They had terrific sound. Imagine my surprise then when I connected the cable to the headphone jack on my new iMac and it wasn’t recognized. I called Apple, and it turns out someone … [Read more...]

Slow Mac? Could be a hidden memory gobbler in macOS

Just hours into using my new 27-inch iMac with 32GB of memory, the system felt sluggish. I checked memory usage via the top -u command in Terminal, which showed all 32GB was full. Exclamation point, I said aloud, and launched Activity Monitor to dig in more easily than at the command line.Sure enough, all memory was in use, and the culprit was … [Read more...]

PureGear PureSwitch review: A HomeKit-only smart plug with a high-speed USB port

It’s a little more expensive than its features warrant, but it’s well designed for what it does. … [Read more...]

How to keep iPhone data roaming costs down when traveling abroad

Not that long ago, it was easy to rack up bills of hundreds or thousands of dollars in data roaming charges when traveling with your mobile phone. Now, it’s possible to contain your costs, thanks to new offers from carriers, SIMs you can buy int he country you are visiting, or even mobile hotspots.For Americans, Mexico and Canada are the easiest … [Read more...]

How to zoom using the Magic Trackpad in Safari

Jeffrey Dore went through the looking glass with Safari: When using Safari [in Sierra], it suddenly enlarges the document, similar to what can be done with Control and mouse movement back and forth. If I revert to the previous screen, it returns to correct size, and I can click on the forward button, and it’s fine. My suspicion is that Jeffrey has … [Read more...]

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