How to upload multiple Photos libraries to a single iCloud Photo Library

How to upload multiple Photos libraries to a single iCloud Photo Library Rob Rosenbaum has a slightly terrifying question. He’s been syncing photos from a single iPhone to two different Macs via USB—just importing them on each Mac. He is about to turn on iCloud Photo Library, but he wonders. Once I turn this on for the first time, will iCloud … [Read more...]

Apple’s Thunderbolt Display doesn’t work with a 12-inch MacBook’s USB-C port

While the USB-C connector type has a lot of advantages and it’s now guaranteed with Intel’s full support at being the dominant peripheral format for the next many years, there’s still a lot of confusion about the difference between USB-C and Thunderbolt 3.That comes up in an email from Simon Shaw, who can connect his 24-inch Apple Cinema Display to … [Read more...]

Why QR codes are important to iOS 11 and China

Why on earth would you want to use your iPhone’s camera to scan a two-dimensional block-and-dot code? How could this possibly have a benefit worth the trouble? Why would Apple have any interest in building this in as an automatic feature within its Camera app?Ask folks in China—and Japan, where advertisers, handset makers, and cell carriers … [Read more...]

Why Photos duplicates a description across a set of images

Have you had the description or title of a photo or video wind up duplicated across all the media in an album? It’s an easy thing to do by accident, judging by reader email.This was harder to do with iPhoto, where you’d need to use the Photos > Batch Change item after selecting images and videos. In Photos, it can be as simple as pressing … [Read more...]

How to reinstall macOS when the startup volume was erased

Rachel is trying to sell her Mac, but… My friend was wiping my Mac so I could sell it and I’m pretty sure they’ve deleted the start up disk? It’s not letting me reinstall the OS on a recovery startup. She wonders about a fix. There are a couple of options with an erased partition. Apple Recovery lets you install onto an erased partition, but only … [Read more...]

Photos for iOS and macOS: The limits of liked photos


Corey Henson has a perfectly reasonable request for iCloud Photo Sharing: My family just returned from a vacation and we took over 1,800 photos between us. (gasp!) I want to pare this monstrous quantity down to something reasonable for a slideshow, and figured the way to do that is to compile all the photos into one place and share that with the … [Read more...]

WWDC 2017 Wish List: New features we want in macOS 10.13


Everyone has their gripes about macOS, even if they mostly like it. It’s the rough edges on a product that’s matured and refined over time that keeps scratching at us, though, making us ask for better.I asked people what they’d like to see in macOS 10.13 and added my suggestions from my experience and from reading thousands of your emails over the … [Read more...]

How to show the All My Files icon in the macOS Sidebar


Reader JLA asks: I accidentally deleted the “All My Files” folder under Finder/Favorites. Now I can’t find it! Any way I can get that back? IDG You can re-enable special items that appear in the Sidebar via Finder Preferences. All My Files is one of the most useful features in the Finder for my virtual dollar. It shows all files on your Mac, … [Read more...]

Why the Apple LED Cinema Display doesn’t work with a Thunderbolt 3 adapter

Ross Mclauchlan writes in with a display problem: I recently purchased a MacBook Pro and have an Apple LED Cinema Display, and am perplexed that I can’t get the display to work. Ross is using an Apple Thunderbolt 2 to 3 adapter, but the trouble is the Apple LED Cinema Display models don’t use Thunderbolt 2. We’ve written about this before but it’s … [Read more...]

Want to recover a FileVault-encrypted drive without a recovery key? You’re out of luck


David S. writes asks about recovering a FileVault-encrypted drive. He says it was encrypted and then reformatted. Is it possible to recover any data from this drive since it was previously encrypted with FileVault 2 and the keys were unfortunately wiped? Do you have any recommendations or suggestions how to decrypt the drive and recover the … [Read more...]

Little Flocker reincarnates as Xfence, a free beta from F-Secure

When security researcher Jonathan Zdziarski took a job at Apple a few weeks ago, I heard from many people concerned about the future of his macOS app, Little Flocker, a tool that restricts apps and system processes access to files without permission. He was unable to talk details, but recently F-Secure, a leading security developer and analysis … [Read more...]

How to selectively migrate files from Time Machine

David Camp has mostly moved his work from an old MacBook Pro that’s failing to a new one. However, he still has some files on the old machine that he’s also backed up via Time Machine to a Time Capsule. The old machine is definitely showing signs of impending death, so I’m wondering if I can move its files onto my new machine via the Time Machine … [Read more...]

Aukey Multiport USB-C Hub review: Packed with features, including VGA output

Business travelers used to rolling up into an unfamiliar conference room or presentation venue need to be able to plug in to whatever video option is available. The Aukey Multiport USB-C Hub ($100 on Amazon) brings VGA to a robust compact dock solution.It comes with a seemingly hefty price tag, but by offering a choice between HDMI and VGA while … [Read more...]

Satechi Multi-Port USB Desktop Charging Station review: Hub packs in six USB-C and Type-A ports

Everybody I know needs a better home-charging station. Wherever I go, in homes and businesses, adapters, and chargers fill up wall outlets and sprawl across power strips. While you have plenty of options for AC adapters with multiple USB plugs, Satechi’s new Multi-Port USB Desktop Charging Station ($30; available on Amazon) is the first to combine … [Read more...]

Antivirus software won’t save your Mac from future malware

A long-running debate between Mac owners and those folks who use other platforms is whether or not malware exists for macOS. It does! Mac owners tend to be very defensive (and, sadly, sometimes offensive) about macOS, because of years of slights when Windows was in the ascendance and virus ridden.These days, most malware that attacks computers and … [Read more...]

iHome iSP6 and iSP8 SmartPlug reviews: An easy entree into the smart home

The iHome SP6 and iSP8 SmartPlugs push a lot of the right buttons. First off, their horizontal oblong form factor allows another plug to fit in above or below in a conventional two-outlet fixture. You can even plug two SmartPlug units into the same fixture without a squeeze.Second, while it has its own account-based remote access and management, … [Read more...]

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