The Best iPadOS 13 Features

With the release of iOS 13, Apple decided to split the operating systems for the iPhone and iPad. iPhone gets iOS 13 and iPad gets a new OS called iPadOS. While it’s built on the same platform as iOS 13, it’s tweaked and enhanced in some very specific ways. The Home Screen how has widgets, it has desktop class Safari browser, and not to … [Read more...]

The Best iPhone Apps to Take Your Instagram Stories to the Next Level

When it comes to attention in social media, all the eyeballs are at Instagram Stories. If you’re a brand who wants to increase their following or engagement, or if you’re trying to build your personal brand, you have to level up your Instagram Stories game. Continue reading → … [Read more...]

The 25 Best iPad Pro (2018) Tips and Tricks


The 2018 iPad Pro is a big departure from every iPad that came before it. The Home button is gone, and so is Touch ID. You get edge-to-edge screen with Face ID, a new Smart Keyboard Folio and an Apple Pencil that’s not frustrating to charge or store. Continue reading → … [Read more...]

The Best Apps for 2018 iPad Pro


The new iPad Pro has an A12X Bionic, 8-core CPU and 7-core GPU. In benchmarks, it beats some models of the Core i7 MacBook Pro. The new 11-inch and 12.9 inch iPad Pro is a beast. It has a gorgeous screen, an all-new design and an Apple Pencil that’s finally seamless to carry and use. Continue reading → … [Read more...]

The Best New 2018 MacBook Air Features


The unthinkable has happened (and no I’m not talking about the Mac mini upgrade). Instead of just discontinuing the MacBook Air, Apple just gave it an honest-to-god update. It finally has a Retina display and the same iconic design! Continue reading → … [Read more...]

The Best Apple Watch Series 4 Bands

The Apple Watch Series 4 is the first real redesign of the Apple Watch. And we have to say, it looks much better. The rounded edges of the case now match the rounded corners of the screen as well. The new Gold finish looks gorgeous. Pair it with a black or a leather band and you’re good to go! Continue reading → … [Read more...]

How to Master The New Voice Memos app in iOS 12

Voice Memos in iOS 12 is an entire rewrite of the app we’ve known and used for years. In fact, it’s now available on the iPad and the Mac as well (on macOS Mojave). This redesign takes the Voice Memos app from the iOS 7 world straight to the iOS 12 design language that’s built with huge headers, overlays and of course, sweet-sweet … [Read more...]

How to Use Advanced Do Not Disturb on Apple Watch in watchOS 5

After years of neglect, Apple is finally paying some attention to Do Not Disturb features on iPhone and Apple Watch. With the iOS 12 and watchOS 5 update, you get a lot more control over just how and when your Apple device can get your attention (by sending a notification or by tapping on your wrist). Continue reading → … [Read more...]

How to Win Money in HQ Trivia on iPhone: Tips, Tricks and Hacks


HQ Trivia is a live trivia app on iPhone where you can earn real money. All you have to do is answer some trivia questions. If you’ve always thought of yourself as a trivia king or queen but never got enough courage to go to a trivia show, this is your chance to make it big. The app sometimes pays out tens of thousands of dollars each night … [Read more...]

iPhone X Tip: Quickly Open the Last Used App From Home Screen

The iPhone X replaces the Home button for a software, gesture-based Home bar. And at first glance, it looks too cumbersome. And yes, the App Switcher gesture could have been better. But once you embrace the Home bar for all it can do, you’ll discover some really quick ways to do things. Continue reading → … [Read more...]

How to Enable Notification Previews on iPhone X Lock Screen


iPhone X has a new feature where notification previews on the Lock screen are hidden by default. Once you authenticate with Face ID, the notifications expand automatically. It’s a really neat feature. A thoughtful privacy upgrade. One of the little delights you expect from Apple. But for me, this hasn’t been working well. Continue … [Read more...]

How to Take Awesome Depth Effect ‘Portrait mode’ Selfies on iPhone X

The iPhone X is one hell of a selfie camera. And most of what makes it so great is not the 7 MP camera module itself but the TrueDepth sensors housed in the now infamous notch. Using all the sensors and some software smarts, iPhone X is able to blur the background in a sophisticated manner. And then there’s the new Portrait Lighting effect … [Read more...]

iPhone X Owners Are Complaining About Wasted Space Below the Keyboard


It’s week one of life with iPhone X and some early adopters (and reviewers) are still getting used to the new gestures and UI elements. Recently, some early adopters have taken to Twitter and Reddit to complain about the wasted space below the keyboard on the new iPhone. Continue reading → … [Read more...]

How to Disable True Tone on iPhone X Display in 3 Easy Steps


iPhone X brings iPad Pro’s True Tone display technology to the iPhone. The feature subtly chances your display’s color temperature depending on your surroundings. So if you step into a dimly lit room, the iPhone X’s screen will get slightly warmer (yellower). This effect is so subtle that you usually don’t even know when … [Read more...]

iOS 11.1 Features: All the New and Hidden Features

The first major point update to iOS 11 is here and you’re going to want to update. This ~300 MB update has the three things we care the most about – battery life improvements, stability improvements, and new emojis. Here’s everything that’s new in this update. Continue reading → … [Read more...]

The Best iOS 11 ARKit Apps for iPhone and iPad You Should Try


iOS 11 brings ARKit to hundreds of millions of iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches across the world. And you don’t even need the latest iPhone for this. ARKit apps will run smoothly even on an iPhone SE. Continue reading → … [Read more...]

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