Transcript: Apple CEO Tim Cook on the company’s 2019 Q3 earnings

Apple's third-quarter results for 2019 are in. Here's our transcript of the call. Apple CEO Tim Cook and CFO Luca Maestri spoke with analysts during the company's Q3 2019 earnings call. Here's our ongoing live transcript of their remarks! If you want some quick analysis on Apple's results, we recommend checking out the awesome charts from Six … [Read more...]

Get a Ring Bridge for free with a Ring Floodlight for just a few more hours


With just a few hours left, you can get a great deal on this Ring starter kit. The Ring Floodlight Battery is a wireless outdoor light that brightens up the darkest corners of your home perimeter. To make it smart, you need the Ring Bridge so your floodlight can talk to your other devices. More great discounts on products for Prime Day The Ring … [Read more...]

Alexa, show me an awesome Echo Show and Smart Plug Prime Day combo


The Echo Show 5 comes with an Alexa smart plug for just $55 on Prime Day. The Echo Show 5 is one sale during Prime Day for an incredible discount of just $50 and if you throw in a $5 Alexa Smart Plug, you can get the package for 52% off the full price. Prime Day is nearly over, and it's the best time to stock up on your Amazon smart gadgets, but … [Read more...]

Get the Wireless Ring Stick Up Cam for a steal on Prime Day


You can protect your outer rim for $55 off! The Ring Stick Up Cam, which is part of the Ring Cloud family, makes it possible to keep an eye on everything that's going on around your house right from your smart phone. The battery-powered Stick Up cam makes it possible to place your outdoor video camera anywhere without worrying about cables or a … [Read more...]

Just bought a new Kindle on Prime Day? Check out these eBooks on sale, too!


Start your Kindle reading experience with a full library. I just bought myself a Kindle Paperwhite on Prime Day and with it, I'm going to need to start building my digital book library. Here are some best-selling eBooks that are also on sale for $5 or less on Prime Day! Stranger than fiction Sold on a Monday A fiction inspired by the true … [Read more...]

How to use app-specific passwords with iCloud

Third-party apps using iCloud must use app-specific passwords. Here's how to generate one. Apple requires all third-party apps that use iCloud to store data to use app-specific passwords for added protection. App-specific passwords ensure that your Apple ID isn't compromised if you need to add your iCloud account to a third-party email, calendar, … [Read more...]

Everything you can do with Control Center

Control Center lets you customize which controls you want to use. Here are all the available controls and what you can do with them. Now that you're able to customize Control Center with a variety of different shortcuts, you'll want to know what each one does so you can decide which ones you want, and which ones you don't. Airplane mode, … [Read more...]

Twelve South’s Journal case for MacBook has that executive look

Look like you're headed for the boardroom even when you're headed for the coffee shop. Twelve South may be best known for its cases that look like vintage books, but there's a new style in town and it's all about that VP look. The Journal line, which comprises matching MacBook, accessory, and iPhone cases, is out now. Whether or not you're into … [Read more...]

Here’s how to watch today’s iPhone event!


iPhone Xs? iPhone X Max? iPhone Xc? Find out the truth about the name at this year's iPhone event. Every September, Apple launches a new iPhone and usually one or two additional new devices. This year, we already know we're going to see two updated (and new sized) versions of the iPhone X, as well as the Apple Watch Series 4, but will Apple bring … [Read more...]

MoviePass: Everything you need to know!

The movie-going subscription service MoviePass is getting lots of hype (good and bad). Here's everything you should know before deciding whether to join up! You've been hearing a lot of talk around the proverbial watercooler about this "MoviePass" thing. It sounds to good to be true, and maybe it is. It's still in its infancy stages. Here, you'll … [Read more...]

Alto’s Adventure is on sale to celebrate the App Store’s 10-year anniversary

If you haven't already made Alto's Adventure a permanent addition to your iPhone or iPad, today's a good day to get it. One of iMore's favorite games is on sale for 60% off in celebration of Apple's App Store turning 10. Alto's Adventure is a beautifully designed side-scrolling endless runner game that lets you snowboard down a never-ending slope, … [Read more...]

Yoshi for Nintendo Switch: Everything we know so far!

Nintendo's cutest little dino is coming to Switch later this year. Here's everything we know about Yoshi for Nintendo Switch so far. Nintendo announced at E3 2017 that its working on a Yoshi title for the Switch. We know very little about it right now. We don't even know the official title. But here's where you'll find everything announced for … [Read more...]

iPhone SE 2 rumors: Release date, specs, price, and features!

Rumor has it that Apple is making a second-generation 4-inch iPhone, dubbed iPhone SE 2 (for now). What will it look like? How much will it cost? Here's everything we know! Apple unveiled the iPhone SE in March of 2016 and put a big smile on the face of anyone that prefers the smaller, 4-inch form factor. It looks just like the iPhone 5s, but has … [Read more...]

Poké Ball Plus: Everything you need to know!


You can catch Pokémon using a real-life Pokéball on Nintendo Switch and Pokémon GO! Alongside the announcement of Pokémon: Let's Go for Nintendo Switch, the company unveiled a new controller that you can use instead of your Joy-Cons to catch 'em all. With the Poké Ball Plus, you can also use it to catch your … [Read more...]

Pokémon: Let’s Go for Nintendo Switch: Everything you need to know

Nintendo's next Pokémon RPG is coming this fall exclusively for Switch. Here's what you need to know to get ready. Nintendo's much-anticipated Pokémon core-roleplaying game (RPG) is heading to Switch this fall. If you're wondering where this game fits in with the rest of the Pokémon series and whether it ties in with … [Read more...]

Poké Ball Plus: Everything you need to know!

You can catch Pokémon using a real-life Poké ball on Nintendo Switch and Pokémon GO! Alongside the announcement of Pokémon: Let's Go for Nintendo Switch, the company unveiled a new controller that you can use instead of your Joy-Cons to catch 'em all. You can also use it to catch your favorite Pokémon GO … [Read more...]

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