Angela Ahrendts departing Apple in April, Deirdre O’Brien named SVP of Retail + People

Update: Apple has refreshed its Leadership webpage to reflect O’Brien’s new role in retail. After 5 years leading Apple’s retail initiatives, Angela Ahrendts will be stepping down as Apple’s senior vice president of Retail in April, according to Apple. In her place, Deirdre O’Brien is taking on the role of SVP of … [Read more...]

Adobe previews automatic image parallax, simple font customization, more in development for Creative Cloud apps

At MAX 2018, Adobe today held its annual Sneaks event, where early and upcoming macOS and iOS software features are previewed for the first time. While these technologies don’t always end up in shipping software, they often inform future product development at the very least. This year, 10 sneak previews were shown off in various stages of … [Read more...]

Apple teases new Japanese retail store for 2019, promotes Shibuya reopening with custom wallpapers

Apple’s enthusiasm for its retail expansion in Japan hasn’t been tempered. First in Shinjuku and later Kyoto, the company celebrated each of this year’s store openings with custom graphics and promotional videos. 2018’s new stores were even teased ahead of an official announcement to build excitement. Apple’s visual spectacle continues for its … [Read more...]

Adobe offers tips on switching from Keynote to XD for app prototyping

Since 2014’s “Prototyping: Fake It Till You Make It” WWDC session, Apple’s Keynote app has become a popular tool for designers and developers looking to make quick and easy app prototypes and concepts. Alongside the rise of Keynote, several other dedicated prototyping tools have grown in popularity as user experience design gains traction as … [Read more...]

Apple’s Podcast Marketing Best Practices offer tips and insights for creating great shows

To help aspiring and experienced podcasters grow their audiences and create more engaging shows, Apple has developed a toolkit of Marketing Best Practices for Apple Podcasts. The guidelines arrive alongside the release of watchOS 5, which includes an all-new Podcasts app. more… … [Read more...]

New photos detail possible construction of second Taiwanese Apple retail store

Construction of Apple’s second retail store in Taiwan may be well underway, new photos show. The country’s first official Apple store opened in the Taipei 101 skyscraper last June with 130 employees. more… … [Read more...]

Angela Ahrendts discusses humanizing technology, Today at Apple, more in Cannes Lions interview

Speaking today in an interview at the annual Cannes Lions Festival in France, Apple’s SVP of retail Angela Ahrendts shared her vision for the future of Apple retail and gave an update on Today at Apple programs. more… … [Read more...]

Behind the scenes of a cinematic short film shot entirely on iPhone X

Less than a week after release, the iPhone X is being quickly put through its paces by photo and video professionals eager to explore the new capabilities afforded by its new camera system. We’ve already seen the camera put head to head with a Panasonic GH5, and photography experts have weighed in on the update. Now, the French production … [Read more...]

Visualizing a modern Apple Wireless Keyboard [Gallery]

Over the weekend, we learned some preliminary details about Apple’s planned updates for two of their most popular Mac accessories, the Apple Wireless Keyboard and Magic Mouse, in the form of FCC filings. Aside from new and improved connectivity thanks to Bluetooth 4.2, both accessories appear to have design deviations from their existing … [Read more...]

Apple airs new “Powerful” TV ad, promoting content creation on the iPhone 5s

Apple has begun airing a new iPhone 5s ad this evening, first premiering on ABC during Agents Of SHIELD. This ad, featuring the interesting song ‘Gigantic‘ by the Pixies, takes a very different tone than the “Metal Mastered” ad released in October, which showed that gold really is best. The ad shows common and uncommon tasks … [Read more...]

FireCore releases Infuse 2 iOS app with all new design

Back in April, we reviewed Infuse, a media player application by FireCore, the makers of aTV Flash. After several feature updates, and an announcement earlier this year, FireCore today released Infuse 2, an all new version of the application with a completely redesigned user interface and a new pricing structure. Taking a look at Infuse 2, … [Read more...]

Apple releases redesigned Podcasts, Find my iPhone, and iTunes Trailers apps (Update: Keynote Remote now free, not updated)

Along with updates to iWork and iLife today, Apple has overhauled their Podcasts, Find my iPhone, and iTunes Trailers apps to fall in line with the design paradigms of iOS 7. Along with new icons, all three apps have been completely redesigned, with user interfaces that closely resemble Apple’s other iOS 7 apps. While Find my iPhone and … [Read more...]

Aperture updated to version 3.5 with support for iCloud photo sharing, SmugMug integration, and more

Along with a slew of other updates today, Apple has just released version 3.5 of Aperture, with notable support for iCloud photo sharing, multiple contributors to Photo Streams, and the ability to post videos to shared streams. The “Places” feature inside of Aperture has also switched to use Apple Maps, instead of relying on … [Read more...]

FireCore announces Infuse 2 with new design coming this fall, 1.5 update available today

Infuse 1.5 FireCore, the makers of the popular aTV Flash Apple TV software announced today that their media player application Infuse will be receiving a substantial update this fall as it hits version 2.0, with a completely new UI to match iOS 7′s design aesthetic, many new Pro features, and more. FireCore claims every pixel in Infuse 2.0 … [Read more...]

New photo claims to show iPhone 5S home button part, possibly pointing to fingerprint sensor

New photos coming out today claim to show the flex cable and home button for the upcoming iPhone 5S. Although labeled as an iPhone 5C flex cable, this image points to an iPhone 5S part, not 5C. Of note here is the drastically different design when compared to both the iPhone 5 home button assembly and earlier iPhone 5S leaks, pointing to support … [Read more...]

An in-depth look at Maps for Mac in OS X Mavericks [video]

Following the introduction of Apple Maps to replace Google Maps in iOS with iOS 6, it seemed like only a matter of time before Apple brought its in-house Maps to OS X as well. Late last year we reported that Maps would be coming to the Mac, and with WWDC yesterday, Apple delivered. In the above video, we give you an in-depth look at what Apple is … [Read more...]

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