How answer calls on your iPhone instead of your Bluetooth speaker

Listening to tunes and your iPhone picks up on the speaker? Here's how to change your call audio routing. If you have a Bluetooth speaker with an internal microphone, then it can indeed make and answer calls for you. In fact, if you Call Audio Routing is set to "Automatic" on your iPhone (which it is by default), it'll always go straight to the … [Read more...]

Best Car Mounts for iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus

What's the best car mount for iPhone? Here's are our picks! iPhone X and iPhone 8 are here, and that means you'll need a handy way to tote them around in your car. Check out any one of these awesome mounts and go hands-free on the road! All mounts in this roundup will fit iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus and just about anything older! Logitech Drive … [Read more...]

How to manage your iCloud storage on iPhone or iPad


How do I free up iCloud storage space? It's all conveniently located in your settings! If you're on a free iCloud storage plan, you're probably already aware that you only get 5GB to store your information. That isn't a lot of space, especially if you own multiple iOS devices. One way you can free up some additional space is by manually choosing … [Read more...]

How to reset your AirPods

Having problems with your AirPods? A simple reset should do the trick. Apple's AirPods have a lot going for them — they're ultra-portable, sound great, and offer easy access to Siri — but as with any products, they can have their issues. Whether you're having battery issues with your AirPods, pairing problems, or other … [Read more...]

Safari: Everything you need to know!

The fastest browser in the world and everything you need to know about it. Safari is Apple's browser for all of its devices. It's optimized for Apple devices and is only for Apple devices, making a great browsing experience rather exclusive to the platform. What is Safari? At its simplest, it's a web browser, like Internet Explorer, Google … [Read more...]

iMore – The #1 iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch blog 2017-05-16 20:36:17

Back in April, Apple announced that it would start offering "Today at Apple" classes at every one of its 495 stores, worldwide, according to MacRumors. Starting today, you can sign up for sessions on Apple's site, which cover everything from coding to how to draw to music to photography and more. Classes will be taught by trained experts that … [Read more...]

Best Accessories for iMac

Show your iMac some love with these awesome accessories! Your all-in-one iMac is a feat of engineering, but unless you accessorize it properly, it's just a big TV on your desk. You'll need a kick-ass mouse, a great keyboard, some sweet speakers, and more. Here are the best accessories to use with your iMac! Logitech MX Master Twelve South … [Read more...]

How to block spam calls on your iPhone

Don't know the number? Sick of telemarketers? Block 'em! SPAAAAAAAM, WONDERFUL SPAAAAAAM! Kidding — it's not wonderful. You're just sitting down to catch up on Netflix and the phone rings and it's Sarah from some wildlife organization, wanting to know if you'll donate money to save the penguins. Are they endangered? No, but they're very … [Read more...]

How to share location and directions with Maps for iPhone and iPad

How do you share your location and direction on iPhone or iPad? With Maps! Sometimes it's not enough for you to know where you are or where you're going. Sometimes you need to let other people know. Maybe you want to share a great new coffee shop you've found, maybe you got separated at the park, or maybe you need to be picked up where your car … [Read more...]

Best power banks for iPhone 6s

What's the best power bank for iPhone 6s? Here are our favorites! The iPhone 6s has a 1,715mAh battery, which is probably just enough to get most folks through the day or at least until the late afternoon. If you need more of a charge, especially on the go, then an external battery, A.K.A. a power bank, is the next best solution after getting a … [Read more...]

No Google Duo in your country? Here’s how to download it internationally!

How do you get Google Duo on your iPhone if it's not in your local App Store? Easy! Google Duo launched recently ... but not everywhere. That's likely to prevent the deluge of eager video callers from overloading the servers and crashing the system. If we've learned anything since the advent of the internet, it's that geographic borders simply … [Read more...]

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