MeeBot 2.0 ships as an Apple Store exclusive product

What you need to know MeeBot 2.0 has been announced. It's an Apple Store exclusive. Children can learn to code and built their own robot. Children can learn all kinds of cool things. UBTech Robotics has released the MeeBot 2.0 robot and it's exclusively available to buy from the Apple Store. It isn't cheap at $129.99 but it's at least … [Read more...]

Eve for HomeKit updated with iOS 13 support

What you need to know Eve for HomeKit has been updated to support iOS 13. Dark Mode support is included. Other changes include a new navigation bar. Control your Eve HomeKit accessories with this newly updated app. The Eve for HomeKit app has received its latest update, bringing support for iOS 13's Dark Mode and more. Because the app supports … [Read more...]

Factory-built fake Lightning cables could compromise a Mac


What you need to know A security researcher created a Lightning cable that could comprompise computers. Early cables were hand-built in limited quantities. The cables can now be mass-produced and sold online. And they're going to be sold online. We told you about a security researcher who had created a Lightning cable capable of compromising a … [Read more...]

Apple shares could be on their way to an all-time high


What you need to know Apple shares are a little more than $5 from a new all-time high. Strong iPhone 11 sales are expected to push share prices north. Apple currently has market cap of $1.015 trillian. Apple continues to have a license to print money. Apple could be set to see its share price reach a new all-time high, according to a report by … [Read more...]

Mind mapping app iThoughts updated with iOS 13 goodies


What you need to know iThoughts has been updated to take advantage of new iPhone and iPad features. It's a free update for those who already own the app. The update includes support for Dark Mode, multiple windows, and more. Now you can map your mind in Dark Mode. If you mind map on iPhone, iPad, or Mac there's a very good chance that you use, or … [Read more...]

iPhone 11’s popularity could negatively impact iPhone ASP

What you need to know iPhone ASP is an important factor for Apple. The popularity of iPhone 11 over iPhone 11 Pro might drive ASP south. iPhone XR and iPhone 8 live on, further reducing iPhone ASP. Did Apple make iPhone 11 too good?. With iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro now available analysts are starting to wonder how sales numbers will affect … [Read more...]

Google says a Chrome update might be killing some Macs

What you need to know It was originally believed that the issue lay with Avid Media Composer software. However it appears that a rogue Google Chrome update is at fault. Google has shared steps impacted users can take. Avid Media Composer might have just been in the wrong place at the wrong time. We shared a story yesterday in which a number of … [Read more...]

The first iPad Pro keyboard with a built-in trackpad is on the way

What you need to know Libra is a trackpad and keyboard case for iPad Pro. It looks like a MacBook Pro. Kinda. Backers can pledge their money via Kickstarter now. The keyboard case aims to be the first with a built-in trackpad for the ultimate road warrior tool. Ever since Apple announced iPad it's been fighting to make MacBook users take it … [Read more...]

How to Setup & Use Apple Pencil with iPad Pro

The iPad Pro is already the best iPad ever made and you can take it to the next level by adding an Apple Pencil to the mix. But you’ll need to know how to set it up and get the most out of it. With the addition of one accessory you can turn the iPad ... Read More … [Read more...]

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