Inventec Starts Shipping First Batch of HomePod Speakers to Apple


Apple’s supplier Inventec has reportedly started shipping the first batch of HomePod speakers to Apple. The initial shipment is expected to be around 1 million units. Apple has evenly split the production of HomePod speakers between Hon Hai Precision and Inventec. Continue reading → … [Read more...]

Report: iPhone 8 Sales Lower Than Expected; Apple Vendors Reduce Component Production As Sales Slowdown


With the holiday season over and peak demand for iPhones now over, Apple suppliers have reduced the component production for the iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus. The lower orders are in line with previous years where Apple suppliers reduce their total production due to lower demand. Continue reading → … [Read more...]

This Malicious Link Will Freeze and Crash Messages App on iOS and macOS

A malicious link is being shared on Twitter opening which on an iPhone, iPad or Mac is leading to freezing or respring issues. Continue reading → … [Read more...]

Samsung Display to Reportedly Supply Apple with 180-200 Million OLED Panels in 2018


Samsung Display will be supplying Apple with anywhere between 180-200 million flexible OLED panels in 2018 for iPhones. This equates to a 4x increase in total OLED shipments to OLED and a total revenue of around $US20-$22 billion for the Korean display maker. Continue reading → … [Read more...]

Tim Cook Optimistic of Some Pulled Apps Making Their Way Back to China’s App Store

Since the beginning of this year, Apple has ended up removing hundreds of thousands of apps from the Chinese App Store at the behest of the Chinese government. This included VPN apps that allowed users to bypass the Great Firewall and even popular apps like Skype. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, however, is optimistic that some of the removed apps … [Read more...]

Amazon Prime Video App for Apple TV Launched

Months after the initial announcement and an accidental slip on Apple’s part, Amazon has finally made its Prime Video app for tvOS available for download through the App Store. The app is compatible with the third and fourth generation Apple TV along with the Apple TV 4K. Continue reading → … [Read more...]

iOS 11 Is Now Installed on 59 Percent of iOS Devices out There

Data from Apple shows that as on December 4, 2017, 59 percent of iOS devices out there accessing the App Store regularly were running iOS 11. 33 percent of devices still remained on iOS 10 while other older versions of the OS was found to be running on another 8 percent of devices. Continue reading → … [Read more...]

Amazon Prime Apple TV App Launch Imminent as It Makes Brief Appearance on App Store

Earlier this year, Apple had announced that the Amazon Prime app would be making its debut on the Apple TV. Now, it looks like the launch of the app is imminent as a Redditor caught Apple teasing the app on the App Store. Continue reading → … [Read more...]

Microsoft’s Upcoming App Will Let You Easily Transfer Photos from iPhone to Windows 10 PCs


Microsoft is currently developing an app that will make it easier for Windows 10 users to easily transfer photos from their iPhone and iPad to their PC. Microsoft had briefly made the app available to the Windows Insider ‘Fast Channel’. The Redmond-company should make the app available to all Windows 10 beta testers soon before … [Read more...]

10-Year-Old Kid Fools Face ID on Her Mom’s iPhone X

Various tests have already shown that Face ID on the iPhone X can be easily fooled if you have an identical twin or using a 3D specialised mask. Now, in a new video, a mother shows her 10-year-old son unlocking her iPhone X despite the handset being secured by Face ID. Continue reading → … [Read more...]

Mozilla Releases Firefox 57 ‘Quantum’ With Major Speed Improvements and Other New Features

Mozilla today released Firefox 57 a.k.a Firefox Quantum. Based on a completely overhauled core and a revamped design, Firefox Quantum has been built from the ground up to deliver a speedy browsing experience while consuming a limited amount of resources. Mozilla is calling Quantum the biggest update to the browser since its original release in … [Read more...]

Apple Working on Custom Chip and Operating System Dubbed ‘rOS’ for Augmented Reality Headset


A report from Bloomberg details that Apple is working on an AR headset which it hopes to get ready in 2019 so that it can be shipped as a consumer product in 2020. Unlike the existing AR and VR headsets in the market, Apple’s solution will have its own display and run on an entirely new chip and OS. Continue reading → … [Read more...]

Snapchat Working on a ‘Disruptive’ Redesign of Its App

Snap Inc. today announced its Q3, 2017 earnings which paint a pretty negative picture for the company. Compared to analyst expectations of adding 8 million new users, Snapchat just added 4.5 million users for the quarter ending September.  Continue reading → … [Read more...]

Change in Apple’s Strategy Meant Most iPhone X Reviewers Got Considerably Less Time With the Device

Usually, when Apple launches a new iPhone, it provides the mainstream tech media with the device for at least a few days so that they can push their review before the device hits the market. This year though, the company took a very different approach: it provided some YouTubers with the iPhone X over a week ago and allowed them to make their … [Read more...]

iPhone X Reservations Will Open on November 4 but Not in the U.S.

Apple will start accepting reservations for the iPhone X for its walk-in customers start from November 4 but only for its customers outside of the United States. Continue reading → … [Read more...]

How To Secure an iPhone X Pre-order on October 27

The much hyped and anticipated iPhone X goes up for pre-order at the end of this week. While Apple launched the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus soon after their official unveiling in September, supply issues forced the company to launch the iPhone X later than usual. This has also adversely affected sales of the iPhone 8 as many customers are … [Read more...]

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