iOS 9.2.1 and OS X 10.11.3 are now available

Apple on Tuesday released updates for iOS and OS X. Both updates are minor; Apple says that both contain security updates and bug fixes.iOS 9.2.1 also fixes a problem “that could prevent the completion of app installation when using an MDM server.”Before installing the updates, back up the data on your Mac and iOS device.iOS 9.2.1 To install the … [Read more...]

MacKeeper hacked: 13 million account details exposed

On Sunday, white-hat hacker Chris Vickery announced on Reddit that he was able to access “13 million sensitive account details” on MacKeeper. MacKeeper is owned by Kromtech, who brought it from the original developer Zeobit.According to Vickery (who goes by the screen name FoundTheStuff) on Reddit, “The data was/is publicly available. No exploits … [Read more...]

tvOS 9.1 update is here for Apple TV

Apple on Tuesday released tvOS 9.1, an operating system update for the fourth-generation Apple TV. The tvOS 9.1 update includes the ability to search Apple Music via Siri, compatibility with Apple’s Remote app on iOS, bug fixes, and performance improvements. To update the Apple TV, open the Settings app. Then select System > Software Update > … [Read more...]

iOS 9.2 and watchOS 2.1 are available for download

While you’re pondering a purchase of Apple’s new Smart Battery Case and/or the updated Lightning to SD Card Reader, you can update your mobile devices. On Tuesday, Apple released an update to iOS 9 and watchOS 2.Developers: Apple also released Xcode 7.2, which includes Swift 2.1.1 and SDKs for the OS updates that Apple released on Tuesday.To read … [Read more...]

Apple updates OS X El Capitan to version 10.11.2

Apple on Tuesday released an update to OS X El Capitan. Version 10.11.2 of the Mac operating system includes several bug fixes and performance enhancements.According to Apple, the update includes the following: Improves Wi-Fi reliability Improves the reliability of Handoff and AirDrop Fixes an issue that may cause Bluetooth devices to … [Read more...]

Apple releases faster Lightning to SD Card Reader

If you wish your file transfers from your camera’s SD card to your iPad Pro were faster, your wish just came true. Apple on Tuesday released a new Lightning to SD Card Reader. The new $29 Reader has been updated to support the USB 3 transfer speeds of the iPad Pro. The Reader will also work with the iPhone 6s, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4, and older … [Read more...]

Apple Magic Mouse 2 review: Mouse unable to conjure up any innovation

Apple’s new Magic Mouse 2 isn’t really that much different from the original Magic Mouse. It has major changes that affect how the mouse moves and a new built-in battery. But there’s nothing about the Magic Mouse 2 that will make you ditch your current mouse—even if it’s an original Magic Mouse.What’s new isn’t obvious The exterior design of the … [Read more...]

iPad mini 4 review: Finally, the update that you’ve been waiting for

When Apple releases new hardware like the new iPad mini 4, one way to look at it is to compare the new device to the one it replaces. In this case, the replaced device is the iPad mini 3, a completely forgettable iPad. How forgettable was it? Apple decided to keep the iPad mini 2—not the iPad mini 3—as the affordable iPad option in its lineup. The … [Read more...]

How to turn off (or turn on) landscape mode on the iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus home screen

With the iPhone 6 Plus and the new 6s Plus, you have the ability to use the home screen in landscape mode (with the iPhone held horizontally) or in portrait mode (the iPhone held vertically). Given the preponderance of vertically-shot videos, you may not want the home screen to switch when your iPhone is in a horizontal position. Sure, it’ll move … [Read more...]

How to turn off iOS 9’s Wi-Fi assist to save your data plan

In iOS 9, there’s a new feature called Wi-Fi assist. When you’re using a bad Wi-Fi connection, it switches over to cellular data. (Typically, your phone switches over to a cellular connection when Wi-Fi becomes unavailable. With Wi-Fi Assist, it kick in when Wi-Fi meets what it deems as a “poor” connection.) If you have an unlimited data plan, it’s … [Read more...]

How to stop Apple Music from automatically renewing your membership

Apple gave you three free months to try out Apple Music. After that, you have to pay $10 per month for a single user membership or $15 per month for a family membership. If you like Apple Music, you don’t need to do anything after the trial; your credit card on file with your iTunes account will be charged automatically. If you signed up for Apple … [Read more...]

How to adjust 3D Touch pressure sensitivity on the iPhone 6s

If you’re like me, you got your new iPhone 6s or 6s Plus, and you’re trying out the new features, like 3D Touch. I’ve found 3D Touch immediately useful, but I’d like to be able to tweak the amount of pressure needed to use the feature.Fortunately, there is a way to make this adjustment. Here’s how.Adjust 3D Touch sensitivity On your iPhone 6s or … [Read more...]

What’s inside the new Apple TV? iFixit tears one apart to find out

Whenever Apple releases new hardware, you can count on the folks at iFixit to grab a unit, take it apart, and post pictures for all of us to see. And they’re at it again, this time postings a complete teardown of the new Apple TV.The Apple TV that iFixit took apart had 32GB of memory permanently attached to the logic board. There isn’t a way to … [Read more...]

How to add Macworld to your iOS 9 News app

With iOS 9, Apple replaced Newsstand with the new News app. It puts all your news reading in one convenient place. If you want to learn more about News before you dive into the app, you can read our hands-on with News. You can use News to read articles from your favorite websites, including Macworld. If you’re getting started with News, here’s how … [Read more...]

How to upgrade to iOS 9 (and, if you need to, reinstall iOS 8)

Today’s the day: iOS 9 makes its debut, and maybe you’re one of the many users who are excited to upgrade your iOS device. I’ll cover how to upgrade to iOS 9 and how to do a fresh install of iOS 9 in this article. (If you’re wondering if you should upgrade in the first place, we think you should.) But then, if, for whatever reason, you decide you … [Read more...]

Apple releases OS X El Capitan Public Beta 6

Got a new item for your Monday morning to-do list: Upgrade your public beta installation of OS X El Capitan. Apple has just released Public Beta 6, though the release notes don't say anything about what is included in the update. For folks already running the El Cap beta, you can update the OS through the App Store. You must be part of the Apple … [Read more...]

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