Keep Facebook From Giving Away Your Data: The Ultimate Guide

Don't trust Facebook but have to use it? Here's how to keep your information — and that of your friends — safe and sound. Facebook is a behemoth of information. It's the company's business model (predicated on advertising and third-party integrations), and it's not stopping anytime soon. If you object to your data being used in this … [Read more...]

Fluidstance has a new extra-cushy balance board for your standing desk

My favorite standing desk accessory just got a little more comfortable. I'm still pretty happy with my Fluidstance Plane Scandi, the almost-a-hoverboard standing desk accessory that made me finally love standing while working. But Fluidstance's newest board, the Plane Cloud, has me dreaming. The board is almost identical to my beloved Scandi, … [Read more...]

How to make a website without coding knowledge

Making a website isn't nearly as terrifying as it used to be. Welcome back to Coding Corner! Today, we'll be looking at a topic I've been asked a lot about lately: building a website. The web has changed since the early-mid nineties: CSS exists, Flash is no more, and websites have become much more about beautiful design and bountiful features … [Read more...]

iPhone 8 vs iPhone X: Which should you buy?

As pre-order time for the iPhone X approaches, it's decision time: Which iPhone should you pick up? The third iPhone in Apple's lineup this year is about to arrive. Pre-orders for the iPhone X start on October 27 at midnight PST, with the first devices shipping on November 3. If you've been waiting for an iPhone X, congrats: The wait is almost … [Read more...]

How (and when) to pre-order your iPhone X

Want to pick up the next iPhone? Here's how to do it. Apple's new iPhone X arrive on November 3, but you'll be able to pledge your money for one this Friday, October 27 at **12:01 a.m. PT / 3:01 a.m. ET / 7:01 a.m UTC, when the iPhone pre-order floodgates will open. Here are the various ways you can get a reservation in for the next … [Read more...]

Best Styluses for iPad

Whether you want to write, draw, sketch, or navigate, there are a bunch of great styluses out there for you. The stylus market is gigantic: It's full of pens with rubber, mesh, plastic, and disc nibs; some have special features — like palm rejection or pressure sensitivity — that require specific iPad models, while … [Read more...]

How to view your past Activity rings and workouts in Activity for iPhone


If you have an Apple Watch, your iPhone is always watching… your activity data, that is. Here's how to peek into the archives with the Activity app for iPhone. Though the Health app officially syncs most of your Apple Watch's activity data as of iOS 11, Apple still offers a stand-alone Activity app to get a more concentrated look at your … [Read more...]

Best MacBook Pro Accessories (Late 2016 and Mid-2017)

Have a new MacBook Pro? You need these accessories. New computers inevitably call for new accessories, but when it comes to Apple's MacBook Pro, they're especially key: The computer's USB-C ports may find you needing dongles, entirely new devices, and more. If you just picked up a new MacBook Pro (Touch Bar or no), here are my must-have … [Read more...]

How to use Siri on your Apple Watch

Siri is Apple's virtual personal assistant. With the Apple Watch, it's available right from your wrist. Siri uses your voice to activate and answer queries. As such, it doesn't require a keyboard or a ton of screen space. And because it's contextually aware, it can handle complex questions and commands. That makes it ideal for something like the … [Read more...]

How to get rid of Depth Effect on a photo in iOS 11

Take a Portrait Mode photo that didn't quite turn out right? In iOS 11, you can turn it off right from the Edit screen. iOS 11, coming later this fall to all users, offers a lot of small but welcome changes to iPhones and iPads alike. That includes Apple's Portrait Mode for iPhone 7 Plus, which intelligently blurs a photo to give it virtual depth … [Read more...]

Best Apple Watch Stands and Chargers

Charge your Apple Watch in style and comfort. Updated May 16, 2017: Added two pretty fantastic Native Union options. While you don't need a stand to charge your Apple Watch, it can be both a lovely and practical addition to your bedside table or dresser. A great stand not only displays your watch and band while you're not wearing it, but it … [Read more...]

Stroll through Apple Park with Steven Levy

Apple Park — the company's new campus, and former CEO Steve Jobs's final project — is almost finished, and Steven Levy got a sneak peek at it for Wired. We've gotten plenty of peeks at Apple's new corporate campus, Apple Park, courtesy of various drone operators and a few highlights from the company itself. But as its official … [Read more...]

Best Cases for the 2017 9.7-inch iPad

What are the best cases for Apple's 2017 entry-level 9.7-inch iPad? Updated May 2017: Added Logitech's newly announced Slim Folio iPad Case. The 2017 9.7-inch iPad is the same height and width as its predecessor, the 9.7-inch iPad Air 2, as well its current high-end cousin, the 9.7-inch iPad Pro. Unfortunately, it's a tad thicker than either, … [Read more...]

How to cancel your Spotify subscription

Spotify not satisfying your musical tastes? Here's how to cancel your Spotify subscription. Whether you're trying out Spotify and don't want to be charged after your free trial or you're done with the streaming music scene, here's how to cancel your subscription. How to cancel on iPhone or iPad Unlike most of the other streaming music services … [Read more...]

How to cancel your Pandora Premium subscription (but still enjoy the free trial)

Don't want to get charged for your Pandora Premium trial — or don't want Premium at all? Here's how. Canceling or changing your Pandora Premium subscription is simple: It just depends on where you subscribed. How to cancel your Pandora Premium subscription on iPhone or iPad If you directly subscribed to Premium through the Pandora … [Read more...]

What Mac Pro configurations should you buy?

If you've decided to pick up the speed-bumped 2017 Mac Pro, what extra configurations should you buy? Updated April 2017: Included the new pricing structure for the 2017 speed bumped Mac Pro. I'll be frank: Unless you fit into a few, very specific categories, I don't particularly recommend buying a 2017 speed-bumped Mac Pro. That said, there are … [Read more...]

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