Disney Completes $71.3 Billion Acquisition of 21st Century Fox

After first confirming its plan to acquire certain parts of 21st Century Fox in December 2017, today The Walt Disney Company has officially closed its $71.3 billion acquisition of Fox (via The Hollywood Reporter). The deal had to go through various regulatory and antitrust reviews, and Disney saw a bit of competition with Comcast for Fox's … [Read more...]

Kaspersky Files Antitrust Complaint against Apple for Monopolistic App Store Practices

Following Spotify, Kaspersky has now also filed a complaint against Apple for its monopolistic App Store practices. Kaspersky Lab has filed a complaint against Apple with the Federal Antimonopoly Service in Russia. Continue reading → … [Read more...]

Kaspersky Lab Files Antitrust Complaint Against Apple Over App Store Policy

Cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab has filed an antitrust complaint against Apple with the Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service relating to the company's App Store distribution policy. The action comes less than a week after Spotify filed its own complaint against Apple with EU antitrust regulators over the tech giant's "unfair" App Store … [Read more...]

Only One AirPod Working? Here’s How to Fix the Problem

AirPods are designed to work seamlessly with all of Apple's Bluetooth-supporting devices, and nine times out of ten the wireless earbuds live up their billing, but that doesn't mean they work perfectly for everyone one hundred percent of the time. A particularly irritating problem that can sometimes occur is when one AirPod drops the … [Read more...]

Boss Audio Launches New $210 CarPlay Receiver With 6.75-Inch Touchscreen

If you don't have a vehicle with CarPlay installed natively, there are a number of third-party aftermarket CarPlay receivers from companies like Alpine and Pioneer, which can be an affordable way to get CarPlay integration in your car. Boss Audio, known for its range of car speakers and accessories, recently launched a new CarPlay receiver, the … [Read more...]

Pandora Modes Makes it Easier to Customize Stations

Pandora is meant to offer the best possible way to listen to customized stations, and that’s getting tweaked even more. Continue reading → … [Read more...]

Apple Lowers the Price to Upgrade the SSD in MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and Mac mini

Apple has made a distinct change to some of the options to upgrade the SSD in some Macs. Continue reading → … [Read more...]

Google Announces Stadia, a Cloud-Based Gaming Platform

Exclusives can be a company’s bread and butter, but some companies want to mix things up a bit in big ways. Continue reading → … [Read more...]

Apple Drops Prices on MacBook Air and Mac Mini SSD Upgrades, Lowers Cost of 64GB Mac Pro RAM Price

As we reported this morning, Apple today cut the prices of higher-end MacBook Pro SSD upgrades by up to $400, and as it turns out, there have been pricing changes to components in other Mac machines as well. For the MacBook Air, released in 2018, upgrading to a 1.5TB SSD on either base model is now $100 cheaper, with the SSD upgrade … [Read more...]

Apple is Teaming up With Media Literacy Programs in the U.S. and Europe

Apple News has become a major product for Apple since its initial debut, and now Apple wants to make sure that it is continuing to reflect factual content on a regular basis. Continue reading → … [Read more...]

Apple Launches ‘Media Literacy’ Initiative to Encourage Critical Thinking and Better Informed Evaluation of News

Apple today announced the launch of a new media literacy initiative that's designed to encourage critical thinking and empower students to be better informed. Apple is teaming up with several nonprofit nonprofit organizations in the United States and Europe that offer nonpartisan, independent media literacy programs, including the News Literacy … [Read more...]

Up Your DJ Game With This Mac Software Bundle [Deals Hub]

Ready to make some music? The Mixvibes DJ Software Bundle includes software aimed at making you a mixmaster anytime and anywhere. These three different programs would typically run you $198.99, but with this bundle they’re currently on sale in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub for 75% off at just $49. Continue reading → … [Read more...]

Latest iOS 12.2 Beta Reveals Support for AirPower Wireless Charging Mat

Back in 2017, Apple unveiled its first wireless charging mat, AirPower. At the time, Apple kept a lot of the important details close to the vest, including a price point and a launch date. Since then, the company has gone dark on the subject. Continue reading → … [Read more...]

Code in Latest iOS 12.2 Beta Suggests AirPower Launch Coming Soon

Apple's long-awaited AirPower could be launching in the near future, based on coding changes that 9to5Mac's Guilherme Rambo says he found in the latest iOS 12.2 beta, released yesterday morning. There have been "significant changes" to the wireless charging code in the beta update, including "code responsible for identifying that two devices are … [Read more...]

Eddy Cue Says Apple Isn’t Interested in Exclusive Rights to Live Sports Games

A new Sports Illustrated article offers a look inside Apple's so-called sports surveillance room at its Results Way office complex in Cupertino, California, where a team of Apple employees have been monitoring sports events for newsworthy and unpredictable moments for almost a year now. The report says the team manages the sports subsection in … [Read more...]

Apple Lowers Price of MacBook Pro’s High-End SSD Upgrade Options

Alongside a refresh of the iMac and new Radeon Pro Vega graphics options for the iMac Pro, Apple today quietly lowered the price of some of the storage upgrade options for the MacBook Pro. 2TB and 4TB SSD upgrade options for 13 and 15-inch machines are now more affordable, with Apple dropping prices as much as $400. Upgrading to 2TB of … [Read more...]

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