Charge your iPhone even faster with iOS 11.2 and Qi wireless chargers

iOS 11.2 will support quicker charging for iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X with Qi wireless charging accessories. First reported by Juli Clover at MacRumors, iOS 11.2 — which is still limited to developers and beta testers for the time being — will offer even faster wireless charging speeds with compatible 7.5W Qi … [Read more...]

Apple Supplier Says Augmented Reality Glasses Could Launch ‘no Later Than 2019’

Apple’s love for augmented reality (AR) is not a secret, especially with the company launching its ARKit platform to help bolster the technology on its devices. Continue reading → … [Read more...]

News: 10-year-old boy unlocks mom’s iPhone X with Face ID

In the latest case of mistaken Face ID verification, a video showing a 10-year-old boy unlocking his mom’s iPhone X underscores previous reports that even non-identical family members may be able to access the devices, WIRED reports. While hackers using sophisticated 3D mapping to create elaborate masks might not be of much concern to the average … [Read more...]

10-Year-Old Kid Fools Face ID on Her Mom’s iPhone X

Various tests have already shown that Face ID on the iPhone X can be easily fooled if you have an identical twin or using a 3D specialised mask. Now, in a new video, a mother shows her 10-year-old son unlocking her iPhone X despite the handset being secured by Face ID. Continue reading → … [Read more...]

News: iOS 11.2 to bring 7.5W wireless charging to iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X

While the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X are currently limited to 5-watt wireless charging speeds, MacRumors reports the release of iOS 11.2 will boost that speed to 7.5 watts. The speed increase will require a charging pad capable of achieving those speeds, and not all are up to the challenge. A test showed that the Belkin wireless charger currently sold … [Read more...]

How to Take Awesome Depth Effect ‘Portrait mode’ Selfies on iPhone X

The iPhone X is one hell of a selfie camera. And most of what makes it so great is not the 7 MP camera module itself but the TrueDepth sensors housed in the now infamous notch. Using all the sensors and some software smarts, iPhone X is able to blur the background in a sophisticated manner. And then there’s the new Portrait Lighting effect … [Read more...]

News: Analyst predicts two OLED models, one LCD model for all-bezel-less 2018 iPhones

Well-connected KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is predicting a larger OLED iPhone and a bezel-less LCD iPhone will join a device similar to the iPhone X to round out Apple’s 2018 three-device offering, AppleInsider reports. Kuo expects Apple to release an updated 5.8” OLED iPhone with the same footprint and general appearance as the iPhone X alongside a … [Read more...]

News: Report: Apple working on 3D sensors for 2019 iPhone’s rear-facing camera

Apple is working on bringing a 3D sensor system to the iPhone’s rear camera as early as 2019, Bloomberg reports. People familiar with the plan said the sensors would likely be different than those that power the iPhone X’s TrueDepth sensor system in the front-facing camera, which powers Face ID and other features. Instead of using the structured … [Read more...]

Mozilla Releases Firefox 57 ‘Quantum’ With Major Speed Improvements and Other New Features

Mozilla today released Firefox 57 a.k.a Firefox Quantum. Based on a completely overhauled core and a revamped design, Firefox Quantum has been built from the ground up to deliver a speedy browsing experience while consuming a limited amount of resources. Mozilla is calling Quantum the biggest update to the browser since its original release in … [Read more...]

News: Apple releases third betas for iOS 11.2, watchOS 4.2, tvOS 11.2

Apple has released the third developer betas for iOS 11.2, watchOS 4.2, and tvOS 11.2. The iOS 11.2 beta is reportedly allowing users to wirelessly charge their iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X devices at 7.5-watt speeds instead of the previous 5-watt limit. The latest iOS 11.2 beta also provides a new explainer for how the Control Center’s Wi-Fi and … [Read more...]

Star Micronics announces Apple Certified AirPrint POS Printer

POS printer manufacturer Star Micronics ( has officially received certification for the first Apple AirPrint POS printer: the $376 Star TSP654II AirPrint. This company says it’s the first 80 and 58mm receipt and ticket POS printer on the market to be Apple AirPrint certified.   read more … [Read more...]

Foundry376 launches Mailspring for macOS High Sierra

Foundry376 has launched Mailspring (, a desktop email client designed for macOS High Sierra. It sports features such as an unified inbox, snoozing, reminders, templates, offline search, and support for Gmail labels. It comes with six built-in themes. The app offers mail rules and customizable keyboard shortcuts. read more … [Read more...]

News: Daily Deal: The Black Friday Mac Bundle, featuring PDF Expert and Roxio Toast Titanium

In today’s iLounge Deal, we’re offering a great package of Mac apps for only $39 in the The Black Friday Mac Bundle. With a almost $500 worth of software, this Black Friday steal is a Mac user’s dream, headlined by renowned apps such as PDF Expert and Roxio’s Toast Titanium — two apps that are $60 and $100 by themselves. For less than the price of … [Read more...]

Review: Advanced Audio GT-R

We've had the pleasure of reviewing a few of Advanced's headphones this year; this company seemed to come out of nowhere just recently, and in the intervening months has quickly turned out a varied product offering of IEMs, portable and Bluetooth DAC/amps, and even a Bluetooth speaker. Though Advanced started with affordable in-ears, this month … [Read more...]

Acclivity releases AccountEdge Pro 2018 for macOS, Windows

Acclivity has released AccountEdge Pro 2018, an upgrade of the small business accounting native desktop software for macOS and Windows. read more … [Read more...]

Apple releases four new developer betas

Apple has released new developer betas of macOS 10.13.2, iOS 11.2, watchOS 4.2, and tvOS 11.2 Developers can download the betas through the Apple Developer Center or the Software Update mechanism in the App Store. … [Read more...]

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