How to Watch YouTube Links in Safari on iPhone & iPad Instead of Opening YouTube App

If you have an iPhone or iPad with the third party YouTube app installed, you may notice that when you click to open a YouTube link from Safari or elsewhere, you’ll discover he YouTube app opens to watch the video. This happens even if you want to watch the YouTube video on the YouTube website ... Read More … [Read more...]

Feeling Nostalgic? Run WinAmp in a Web Browser & Play MP3s!

Do you remember WinAmp, the old funky ’90s music player for Windows and Mac? If you were a computer user in the late 1990s during the dot com boom, you probably used WinAmp to play your MP3 library, maybe even running it alongside Napster. At that time the quirky media player felt very modern and ... Read More … [Read more...]

How to Disable Breathe Reminders on Apple Watch

The Apple Watch will periodically remind you to breathe with the Breathe app, which attempts to guide a user to take a series of deep breathes after it nudges you and tells you to “take a minute to Breathe.” This is much like the Apple Watch reminding you to stand up and move around, as ... Read More … [Read more...]

How to Select Multiple Photos Quickly on iPhone and iPad with a Drag & Select Gesture

Modern versions of iOS offer a convenient dragging gesture that allows iPhone and iPad users to quickly select multiple pictures from the Photos app, without having to continuously tap on images or use the select by date method. With the iOS drag and select gesture, you can choose as many photos as can be seen ... Read More … [Read more...]

How to Use Lock Screen in MacOS High Sierra

Mac users have long been able to use various tricks to lock the screen of their computers, but with MacOS High Sierra 10.13.x onward, a simpler and faster option is now available on the Mac with an official Lock Screen feature. With the new Lock Screen feature, you can instantly lock down a Mac through ... Read More … [Read more...]

Olympus’ tiny Pen E-PL9 has 4K and image stabilization

Olympus has introduced the PEN E-PL9, giving its smallest Micro Four Thirds mirrorless camera a significant overhaul with the addition of 4K video and in-body stabilization. The new model carries the retro look of its predecessor, the E-PL8, but impr... … [Read more...]

What’s SATA ’bout? The problem with older laptops and hard drive upgrades

It was baffling, irritating, and inexplicable. My wife’s mid-2012 MacBook Pro remains in generally good condition, but she started to bump up against the storage limits of its 500GB drive, between iPhone photos and videos and her music collection. She prefers to not use iCloud for sync and storage, especially after watching me wrestle with problems … [Read more...]

Apple Pay takes further backseat in China as company to accept Alipay in retail stores

Apple has had to work hard to promote Apple Pay in China due to the popularity of existing, local mobile wallet apps like WeChat Pat and Alipay. The company had already bowed to the inevitable in allowing local apps to be used for online payments, but is now set to go even further … more… … [Read more...]

Apple and Goldman Sachs in Talks to Offer Loans to Customers to Buy Apple Products

Apple and Goldman Sachs are reportedly in talks to offer customers financial loans for buying Apple products. Most customers usually end up buying their expensive new Apple product through their credit card which carries high interest rates. Goldman Sachs wants customers to avoid paying such high interest fees by taking out a loan from them … [Read more...]

Apple customers could get cheaper financing through Goldman Sachs deal

Apple is reportedly in talks with investment bank Goldman Sachs to offer new financing to consumers buying iPhones, watches and other devices. For some customers, this could offer them a better deal than they can get today. Few details are revealed, so it’s not known whether this would supplement or replace either of Apple’s existing … [Read more...]

Pornhub says it will ban ‘deepfake’ AI-edited videos

Is the thought of AI-generated fake porn (aka "deepfakes") disturbing to you? You're not the only one. Pornhub has informed Motherboard that it will ban videos that use machine learning to superimpose faces on porn actors. The company forbids "any... … [Read more...]

Apple Retail Stores in China to Start Accepting Payments Through Alipay

Apple will soon start accepting Alipay mobile payment system across its retail stores in China. Alipay is offered by Alibaba, the e-commerce giant of the country. Alipay would become the first third-party mobile payment system to be accepted by Apple at its retail stores worldwide. Continue reading → … [Read more...]

Cydia for iOS 11 May be Released Soon

Even though the iOS 11 – iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak tools such as Electra Jailbreak and LiberiOS jailbreak have been released more than a month back, Cydia, the app store for jailbreak apps and tweaks, hasn’t been available as it is not compatible with iOS 11. Continue reading → … [Read more...]

The Morning After: Falcon Heavy away

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous. Elon Musk did it. The Falcon Heavy has launched Starman on his trip through the Solar System, but we're still here to bring you the latest news. Take a peek at the launch if you missed it, and then find out what... … [Read more...]

16 rugged cases to protect your iPhone X

Speck Presidio UltraImage by SpeckSpeck has many variations on its Presidio case, and the most rugged is the $49.95 Presidio Ultra, a two-layered rubbery case sandwiched inside a two-layered hard polycarbonate bumper for four layers of protection. It even covers the buttons and ports to keep out dirt. Speck says it can survive drops of 15 feet.To … [Read more...]

5 ways Apple can stop developers from abandoning Apple Watch

By all accounts, Apple Watch Series 3 is a huge hit for Apple. Over the past year, Apple Watch has steadily increased its sales, with Series 3 models selling at twice the rate of Series 2 last year, according to Tim Cook, and wearables revenue increasing by 50 percent for the fourth straight quarter.But while people may be buying more Apple Watches … [Read more...]

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