How to delete a file that macOS says is in use


Sometimes macOS tries to help you by not letting you carry out actions that would break the system or software you’re using. There are extra levels of warnings available that you might choose to turn off or bypass.When you have files in the Trash, select Finder > Empty Trash prompts you as to whether you really meant to empty the trash. You … [Read more...]

Now is the time for Apple to re-think its retail priorities


Federico Viticci said it best on the Connected podcast last week: The departure of Angela Ahrendts as Apple’s retail chief is a Rorschach test. One’s reaction to the news will reveal a lot about one’s feelings about the current state of Apple’s retail stores.I’ve seen a lot of criticism of Ahrendts featuring aspects of the Apple Store experience … [Read more...]

GE Vintage LED bulbs review: 21st century lighting with a turn-of-the-last century aesthetic


These energy-efficient LED bulbs might be prettier than the lamps you’ll use them in. … [Read more...]

You Can Save 15% On An Apple HomePod Today

There are numerous smart speakers on the market such as the Echo or Home. However, if you’re an Apple fan, the only right choice is the HomePod. Unfortunately, you’ll need to shell out a considerable $329 to get your hands on one. Luckily, you can find the HomePod for $20 cheaper on the Macworld Shop.To read this article in full, please click here … [Read more...]

Get The Cubinote Pro For 15% Off Today

No work desk is complete without a host of sticky notes littered on your monitor’s bezel. Sticky notes are handy because they allow us to jot down our schedules, reminders, future goals, or jokes for your cubicle partner. However, you might need to jot down notes on your phone if you’re out of office, and these notes can be a hassle writing down … [Read more...]

Get your first month of 4 top security tools including NordVPN for just $1

If you rely on your laptop for work each day, you’ll need the right tools to keep your files and data secure. There are dozens of security tools on the market, but there isn’t a single tool that does it all, so you’ll likely need to subscribe to multiple services to get the job done. But what if you can find a host of essential security tools in … [Read more...]

Report: Apple to hold new product event on March 25

We've been waiting for Apple to announce a spring event this year, as the company often makes at least one major announcement before its Worldwide Developers Conference in the summer. According to BuzzFeed’s John Paczkowski, we could be hearing about a spring event soon. Paczkowski reports that Apple is working on an event for March 25, which will … [Read more...]

These $100 Bluetooth Headphones Are Just $40 Right Now

A few years ago, the thought of removing the headphone jack in a flagship phone sounded crazy. Despite this, Apple and several other smartphone vendors have ditched the headphone jack in favor of Bluetooth, and can expect more vendors to follow. If you have a phone without a headphone jack, or if you’re just looking for a great pair of Bluetooth … [Read more...]

Macworld Podcast: Join us on Wednesday, February 13, at 10 a.m. Pacific

On this episode of the Macworld Podcast, we focus on your hot takes, your comments, and your questions for Jason Cross, Leif Johnson, Roman Loyola, and Dan Masaoka. This is episode 640.Your hot takes For the Macworld Podcast, we want your hot takes. Give us your hot take on Twitter and we may discuss it on the show.Go to the Macworld Twitter feed … [Read more...]

The best Bluetooth earbuds of 2019

Bluetooth earbuds are the Goldilocks of the mobile audio world: not too fussy, not too expensive—juuuust right.As Bluetooth earbuds don’t need to be plugged into a smartphone or tablet, you'll never have to worry about getting tangled up in the cord running between their earpieces while you're typing, working out at the gym, or grooving to music … [Read more...]

WaterField Designs Sutter Slim Backpack review: A compact but capable MacBook bag

WaterField Designs makes a big deal out of the fact that it crafts its bags here in San Francisco; in fact, you’ll find our fair city’s name subtly stamped on the leather of its new $229 Sutter Slim Backpack.That’s par for the course with WaterField, but I find it’s particularly apt in this case. I like to think that the Sutter’s canvas and leather … [Read more...]

Q Acoustics’ Concept 300, first impressions: These speakers make a bold statement

The out-of-this-world tripods they rest on render them more like tower speakers than bookshelf models. … [Read more...]

Reolink C2 Pro review: This 5-megapixel pan/tilt security camera delivers crystal-clear video

If image quality is a priority, this pan-and-tilt camera is great solution for your home or small business. … [Read more...]

How will Apple redesign the iPad home screen?

Buried at the end of Mark Gurman’s high-profile Bloomberg report about future Apple product announcements is a tidbit that’s of enormous interest to anyone who loves using their iPad. Apple’s next operating system update, iOS 13, will include… iPad-specific upgrades like a new home screen, the ability to tab through multiple versions of a single … [Read more...]

How to buy the best SD card for your camera, phone, tablet

Admit it, you're confused about which secure digital (SD) memory card to buy. We'll help you figure out the best SD/ Micro SD card for your GoPro, DSLR, phone, tablet, or Nintendo Switch. … [Read more...]

Apple retail chief departure, Apple’s services ambitions, iOS 12.2 beta 2

Apple’s retail chief Angela Ahrendts is leaving the company in April, when she’ll be replaced by longtime Apple employee Deirdre O’Brien. Join us as we discuss what this could mean for the future of Apple’s famed retail experience. We’ll also discuss whether we believe Apple will be able to win big with its push towards services, and we’ll chat … [Read more...]

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