Why iOS apps will make the Mac a better place… eventually

Who knew that a report that Apple was replacing iTunes with new apps brought to the Mac from iOS would open a Pandora’s Box of Mac angst?But it’s really not that surprising. 2019 promises to be a huge year of change for the Mac, in large part because this fall’s macOS release will open the floodgates to apps originally designed for iOS. When you … [Read more...]

What the Apple-Qualcomm settlement means for a 5G iPhone

In a completely unexpected turn of events, Apple and Qualcomm just settled their legal dispute, dropping all litigation. The details from Apple and Qualcomm are brief, but give us the following four key details: Apple and Qualcomm are ending their lawsuits. Apple will pay Qualcomm an undisclosed sum. Apple has entered a six-year patent licensing … [Read more...]

Cavalier Audio Maverick wireless smart speaker review: This Alexa-powered Wi-Fi speaker speaks Bluetooth, too

It’s fabricated from high-end materials, including aluminum and genuine leather, but this speaker’s sound quality left me saying "meh." … [Read more...]

Why you should get an Apple Pencil even if you don’t draw

Apple’s ads tend to imply that you need to be some kind of artist if you want to buy an Apple Pencil, but it’s great for plenty of other things, even if those things don’t look so hot in the latest TV spot out of Cupertino. Not everyone needs to use an Apple Pencil, but you’ll get a lot of use out of one if you frequently find yourself in the … [Read more...]

Apple and Qualcomm surprisingly settle their legal differences, and it’s pretty clear who won

Just when their legal battle was just beginning the trial phase, Apple and Qualcomm have ironed out their differences in a surprise settlement. The terms of the agreement include the dismissal of all litigation between the two companies as well as any pending cases brought by Apple’s global contract manufacturers, and basically returns the … [Read more...]

Vivint’s Outdoor Camera Pro can detect someone casing your home

The AI-powered Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro has a 4K image sensor and issues warnings to anyone lurking around your property. … [Read more...]

Amazon is slashing up to $200 off the prices of the new iPad Pros

Today’s a good day to head to Amazon if you’ve been looking for a good price on the 2018 iPad Pros. The massive retailer is offering discounts on many configurations of both the 11- and 12-inch models, but I’m particularly impressed by the $200 dollars it’s knocking off the 512GB units regardless of whether they’re Wi-Fi only or have both Wi-Fi and … [Read more...]

Beat the average price to earn this 10-course Complete Learn to Design Bundle

Every logo you see on screen and every billboard you pass on the highway was meticulously designed by a graphic designer. These artists spent years honing their skills before their work landed on print or on screen, but don’t let that discourage you. If you’re interested in a career in graphic design, you can get started with this Pay What You … [Read more...]

Convert your DVD collection to video files for $15 with MacX DVD Ripper Pro

With streaming services like Netflix and Hulu dominating the video market, physical media like DVDs are all but obsolete. That doesn’t mean you should throw out your DVD player, but the bad news is that tablets and new laptops won’t include anything to play DVDs on. If you want to cherish your extensive library of DVDs, MacX will rip your library … [Read more...]

Master social media marketing with this $29 training bundle

Becoming a social media influencer isn’t as simple as uploading content and waiting for your follower count to grow; there are hundreds of variables that go into making great social media content and optimizing your search engine visibility. This $29 bundle will show you the best practices you need to market yourself through social media.The Social … [Read more...]

Four ways Apple could return the MacBook to glory

The invitation-only “show time” event might not be for a few days, but that’s not stopping Apple from rolling out a slew of products. Following Monday’s iPad Air and iPad mini announcements, Apple updated the entire iMac line Tuesday morning with faster chips, better graphics, and more memory.That makes the $1,799 iMac one of the best buys in the … [Read more...]

SANSI Omni-directional Bulb review: This beastly LED light bulb puts out 4,000 lumens of eye-searing light

When you really need to light up the night with just a size E26 bulb, this monstrous LED will do the job. … [Read more...]

Why today’s iPad lineup is the strongest in years

A few years ago, the iPad was in disarray. Sales were collapsing and the line-up of products was a mess. Fixing things takes time, but look at what we’ve got today: With the introduction of the fifth-generation iPad mini and the third-generation iPad Air, iPad is now Apple’s most coherent and complete product line (contrary to what other … [Read more...]

Macworld’s April Digital Magazine: The future of the Mac

Every day, Macworld brings you the essential daily news and other info about all things Apple. But staying on top of that torrent of information can be a constant challenge. One solution: the Macworld digital magazine. In the April issue In the April issue of Macworld we take a look at how the iPad might influence future Mac interfaces. We also … [Read more...]

Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs coming soon exclusively to iOS devices

It’s been a minute since Angry Birds was a thing. Once practically synonymous with mobile gaming, the franchise was so ubiquitous that it spawned an animated series and even a star-studded theatrical release. While there’s a sequel film due for release this summer, the mobile gaming world just isn’t that hot on Angry Birds anymore.Perhaps Rovio’s … [Read more...]

Google’s Stadia game-streaming service lets you play games anywhere, if your Internet can handle it

At GDC 2019, Google took the wraps off its hotly rumored Stadia game-streaming service and a companion controller. It looks pretty wild—and bandwidth intensive. … [Read more...]

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