What to do when a scam site takes over your Safari homepage

Scammers try all sorts of ways to convince you that something’s wrong with your Mac and that only by calling “Apple” (it’s never Apple) via a phone number on screen and paying some outrageous amount of money can your computer be “fixed.” In some cases, websites can seemingly hijack Safari in macOS, making it impossible to bypass a page.Macworld … [Read more...]

How to sell or trade in your old iPhone

Even if you’re in the iPhone Upgrade Program, you might have an old iPhone languishing in a drawer somewhere unused. And if you buy your iPhone outright each year, you can usually recoup a good amount of that cost by selling the old model every time you upgrade. Here’s what you need to know about selling or trading in your old iPhone for top … [Read more...]

Aura review: This home monitoring system is more trouble than it’s worth

The system detects motions based on the disruption of radio signals inside your home, but our reviewer discovered that it also disrupted many of his other smart home devices. … [Read more...]

The 15 Mac games you can’t miss from 2017

Play these gamesImage by Square EnixStressing out over the holidays? Ready to kick 2017 to the curb? Just bored and looking for something new and exciting to pour your attention into? If any of those statements apply to you, then you might be in sore need of a fun Mac game to play, and now’s the time that we’re tallying up the year’s top … [Read more...]

How to set up Medical ID on your iPhone

There are plenty of iPhone features that feel like you just can’t live without them. But there is one that can literally save your life: Medical ID.If you get into an accident or otherwise become unconscious or unresponsive, a first responder can pick up your phone and place an emergency call. But they can also tap the Medical ID button to be taken … [Read more...]

Snakable Armored Apple MFi Lightning cable review: Like Apple’s Lightning cable on steroids

Snakable has a unique solution to the classic cable weak spot: plastic ball-jointed “armor.” The company has put three rotating ball joints at each neck of its Armored Apple MFi Lightning cable for reinforcement and to prevent users from over-bending. At $30, this extra-reinforced cable is expensive but potentially worth it. Snakable also offers a … [Read more...]

Tylt Cord Noir Lightning cable review: Beautiful, sturdy, and uber-convenient premium cable

Tylt’s Cord Noir Lightning cable is exactly what a premium cable should be: Beautiful, sturdy, and uber-convenient. The most notable feature of the Cord Noir Lightning cable is its reversible USB plug, which lets you plug the cable into a computer or power supply without having to worry about double-checking that it’s facing the correct way. … [Read more...]

Overplaying a hand: Mac vs. PC arguments

The Macalope worries. Mostly about reverse vampires, but also about people who think he hates anyone who uses anything but Apple products. This is simply not true.Reverse vampires, on the other hand, are real and pose an immediate existential threat to our way of life. They just wander around during the day. You’d never suspect them. And no one in … [Read more...]

Watch out! macOS High Sierra could format your Time Machine drive using APFS, and that’s not good

Time Machine can’t make use of Apple File System (APFS) volumes. This is a significant problem that many Macworld readers want to make sure others know about. This has been known for months, and because you typically have to take steps to convert a drive to APFS, it hasn’t been an issue for most people.You can accidentally convert a drive to APFS … [Read more...]

Q Acoustics M2 Soundbase review: This no-frills speaker delivers

There's nothing fancy here, but this box delivers a great performance every time. … [Read more...]

Apple Photos: What do you need to do to get People to sync?

Apple promised that when we identified people in Photos in iOS 10 or macOS 10.12 Sierra, it would sync and merge this special album’s contents across all our linked devices. Oops! Well, it finally made it into iOS 11 and High Sierra, at least.Macworld reader Gerry was looking forward to this working, but finds that his various devices never sync … [Read more...]

Should you buy an iMac Pro? Here are the reasons why and why not

Apple’s sure-sellers for the holiday season have been on store shelves for a while now, but for fans of high-powered Macs, Christmas comes early this week with the release of the iMac Pro on Thursday. It’s undoubtedly going to take the crown as the most powerful Mac ever made--and will undoubtedly hold onto that distinction until a new Mac Pro … [Read more...]

Star Wars iPhone cases: Celebrate the release of ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’

Disney Star Wars casesImage by DisneyDisney bought Lucasfilm in 2012, so it’s no surprise that there are Star Wars iPhone cases in the Disney store. These are basic shells cases for the Plus-sized phones. Note that the camera cutout is for the iPhone 7 Plus camera; Disney says these cases fit the iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus, which have single-lens … [Read more...]

What is Next Gen TV and when will it launch?

Next-generation TV is coming soon. … [Read more...]

Get a Lifetime of VPN Unlimited for Just $29.99

With the potential of Internet service providers selling off your browsing info, protecting your data has become more essential than ever. A lifetime subscription to VPN Unlimited can help by safeguarding your online activities and sensitive business information. Normally $500, you can get a lifetime subscription today for just $29.99 today. VPN … [Read more...]

You can buy an iMac Pro on Dec. 14, but you can’t upgrade the RAM

When Apple unveiled the new iMac Pro at WWDC in June, Phil Schiller promised that the new machine would begin shipping in December. With just a bit over two weeks to go, Apple is making good on its promise. Apple has announced that the iMac Pro will be available beginning Thursday, Dec. 14 starting at $5,000 for an 8-core Xeon procession, 32GB of … [Read more...]

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