iTunes 12.7 for Mac removes iOS app store

iTunes 12.7 for Mac was released on Tuesday with a major change in the app. Apple has redesign iTunes so that it focuses on sales of music, movies, TV shows, audiobooks, and podcasts. It no longer has an App Store for buying apps for your iPhone or iPad. Apple One last look of the App Store in iTunes 12.6.To read this article in full or to leave a … [Read more...]

AirPods: New case for Apple’s wireless earbuds supports wireless charging

The AirPods are here! After a couple months of delays, Apple is selling the $159 AirPods. But even though they’re for sale, the AirPods will be scarce for a while—the Apple online store is estimating about a two-week delivery time, but you might be able to track down a pair at an Apple retail store. Maybe call ahead first.Here's what Apple CEO Tim … [Read more...]

OLED vs LCD: How the iPhone X’s display changes everything

The OLED display Apple is using in its new iPhone X brings several benefits over current LCD technology, but supplies are likely to be limited at first. Will be benefits of the new screen make it worth the wait? Here’s a quick rundown on OLED (organic light emitting diode) technology and how it differs from today’s LCD (liquid crystal display) … [Read more...]

iPhone X: Hands-on and first impressions with Apple’s new iPhone

The iPhone X is real, though it won’t be arriving in customers’ hands until November. I got to use one for a few minutes Tuesday at the Steve Jobs Theater after Apple wrapped up its latest media event.My first impression is that, in many ways, this is the iPhone that Apple has always wanted to build—one where the front face is almost entirely … [Read more...]

Can ransomware hijack Mac backups? Yes, but…

Mac users have so far avoided the scourge of ransomware sweeping the Windows world, where it’s the fastest-growing category of malware due to its simplicity: it encrypts your documents after gaining a foothold to run, and doesn’t have to mess with system-level stuff at all. Reader Dave has a concern related to backups though, after reading my … [Read more...]

Pictar One review: Versatile SLR-style camera grip takes better iPhone photos

Modern iPhones take fantastic pictures, but even with a case attached, the slim exterior doesn’t provide the confident grip of a traditional SLR camera. If you miss that tactile grasp, Miggo’s Pictar One ($100 on Amazon; $110 for Plus-sized iPhones on Amazon), is an ingenious—although imperfect—solution.Pictar One is an ergonomic iPhone grip that … [Read more...]

Oomi Home review: Semi-smarten your home, at a steep price

This smart home kit doesn’t come cheap, and it doesn’t do much, either. … [Read more...]

iSpy: Red Sox caught using Apple Watches to steal signs from Yankees

It seems that the Red Sox were doing a lot more with their Apple Watches than tracking their steps. According to a Major League Baseball investigation, the Boston baseball team was using their Apple wearables to gain an advantage over their biggest rival, the New York Yankees, in some of the most important games of the season.The New York Times is … [Read more...]

Amazon is selling a two-bay Netgear NAS box for less than $200 today

If you’re ready to beef up your home network, Amazon has a good deal on a two-bay network attached storage device. For $191.20, you can get Netgear’s ReadyNAS 212 2-Bay NAS. The sale lasts until just before midnight on Tuesday, Pacific time.A NAS is basically really smart external storage that can be used to backup your family’s PCs, run a media … [Read more...]

Tested: Galaxy Note 8 Live Focus vs iPhone 7 Plus Portrait Mode

The Galaxy Note 8 is the first Samsung phone to feature a dual lens camera system. Similar to Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus, it includes a telephoto lens paired with a standard lens. This allows both phones to deliver fun depth of field effects—but does one company do bokeh better? Let’s check out the differences between their approaches, and see if one … [Read more...]

Astell&Kern AK XB10 Bluetooth DAC and amp review: Wireless, hi-res audio for any headphones

You don't need new headphones to benefit from Qualcomm's aptX HD codec. … [Read more...]

People in Glass houses: Throwing stones at the Apple Watch

It is handy that in the world of technology there are many prior examples that one can look to when evaluating the state of a particular set of products. It should be noted, however, that even this most mundane of powers can be twisted into something so bizarre is it almost unrecognizable as an attempt at our Earthly logic.Writing for … [Read more...]

The 10 iPhone and iPad games you need to play from August 2017

August's iOS gamesImage by TinyTouchTalesWith loads of new games flooding the App Store each and every week, it’s hard to keep track of fresh releases—and especially tricky to try and find the good ones in the mix. Luckily, we keep close tabs on the latest and greatest iPhone and iPad games, week in and week out, and we’re happy to point out the … [Read more...]

Why continuous backups on your Mac are a good idea

A Macworld reader has concerns that continuous or frequently made automatic backups would impede performance on their computer. They want to only initiate backups manually. I’d argue this is a bad idea.Continuous backups that archive a file whenever changes are made or frequent backups, such as software that checks at a fast interval, like 15 or 60 … [Read more...]

How to delete iOS apps in iTunes for Mac to free up storage

Syncing your iPhone and iPad to your Mac is a good way to keep your devices organized. But if you like to download iOS apps, those apps take up a lot of sotrage space on your Mac. This is the case with reader Lauren King. She finds that a fair amount of storage on her Mac is occupied with iOS apps. She wonders, “Is there a way to delete them from … [Read more...]

Switchmate Bright review: The quick and easy path to smart lighting

You’ll spend more time downloading the app than installing this smart switch. … [Read more...]

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