iOS 11.2: Beta 5 is now available

Updated 11/28/17: The fifth iOS 11.2 beta is available to developers and public testers.iOS 11 is the biggest change to Apple’s mobile operating system in years. It’s so ambitious in scope that many of it’s promised features still haven’t shipped yet. iOS 11.1 mostly fixed bugs and brought us a bunch of new emoji, but iOS 11.2 is more substantial, … [Read more...]

macOS High Sierra ‘root’ security issue allows admin access without a password—but there’s a fix

On Tuesday, a macOS 10.13.1 security issue was revealed—a flaw that allows root access to a Mac without the need for a password. Developer Lemi Orhan Ergin tweeted that anyone can log into a Mac by entering the user name root without a password. The first time you try to login, it won’t work. But if you try it again, you will be granted access. … [Read more...]

Face ID on the iPhone X: Security firm fools Face ID with mask, but it’s not as easy as it sounds

The upcoming iPhone X will use Face ID, technology that unlocks your iPhone X by using infrared and visible light scans to uniquely identify your face. The company says it will work in a variety of conditions and is extremely secure. Though no one outside Apple has yet been able to confirm how well it works.Editor's note: This article was updated … [Read more...]

iPad 2018 rumors: Thinner bezels, Face ID, and a faster processor

When it comes to the tablet market, there’s the iPad and there’s everybody else. Apple dominates the market, especially in the premium price range. To hold on to its position, Apple has been kept things fresh with new models like the 12.9-inch iPad Pro and new technologies like Apple Pencil and ProMotion.But the fundamental design of the iPad … [Read more...]

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp review: Nintendo’s latest is a charming distraction

After making a big splash a year ago with Super Mario Run, Nintendo has turned its attention to mobile versions of games that aren’t quite as iconic or widely known. But just like with Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing has its die-hard proponents—which is kind of funny, given how low-key and incredibly chill the actual experience is on Nintendo’s own … [Read more...]

Kwikset Obsidian touchscreen deadbolt review: Slim and sexy, but not entirely smart

As electronic lock manufacturers up their design game, Kwikset gets to work. … [Read more...]

iCloud Photo Library: Finding a way to sort photos by the device they were created with

If you use multiple iPhones, iPads, and Macs, iCloud Photo Library is a handy way to keep photos from those devices in one place. However, all those photos are stored in one place, and Macworld reader Allan wants to know if there’s a way to separate out media brought in from all those devices in Photos for iOS and macOS.Oddly, there’s not. In … [Read more...]

Not cool for Yule: The AirPod-killing Pixel Buds

Pundits are wearing out their fake fainting couches over Apple missing the holiday gift-giving season with the HomePod. But what about devices other companies have shipped that probably should have missed the annual display of our collective avarice, uh, love, the Macalope meant love? Sometimes its actually better to finish a product before … [Read more...]

How to upgrade a drive with High Sierra and APFS


The new Apple File System (APFS) that replaces the long-running HFS+ in macOS caused a lot of concern and confusion, because it seemed like a massive change, but the effects aren’t noticeable to end users, except in improving the speed of SSD-only Macs. (Apple doesn’t upgrade hard drives to APFS, and hasn’t yet released a Fusion APFS update for its … [Read more...]

How to shop at the Apple Certified Refurbished store online and save money


If you’re looking for a way to save some money on new Apple products, try checking out the Apple Certified Refurbished store. You can find some good deals on Macs, iPhone, iPads, and more. Here’s a quick guide with links to the best deals you can find on the refurb store, along with a FAQ guide if you want to know more about the ins and outs of the … [Read more...]

Bowers & Wilkins PX wireless noise-cancelling headphones review: They demand a small sacrifice for silence


B&W’s first noise-cancelling headphones sound so good that you’ll happily to live with their quirks. … [Read more...]

AirPlay 2 FAQ: What it is, how it works, and which devices support it


AirPlay has been with us for a long time. It’s an evolution of the old AirTunes protocol, which was meant only for music. In 2010, AirTunes got a host of new capabilities (music, photos, video) and a new name. A year later, it gained the ability to mirror your iOS or Mac screen to a compatible AirPlay receiver. With an Apple TV, you could put your … [Read more...]

Black Friday deals: The best discounts on Apple gear (so far)


Apple products on the cheap are hard to come by, even on mega shopping holidays like Black Friday. But in years past, we’ve been able to score some major deals on lots of different Apple goodies—2016’s deals included the iPhone 7, iPad Pro, Apple Watch, and MacBook Pro. (Yes, seriously.) If you’re ok with slightly older stuff, the savings are even … [Read more...]

Looking for an iPhone X case? Here’s what’s available at the online Apple store

The iPhone X is a marvelous device—a device with a glass shell. And as strong as that glass is, you probably want to do what you can to protect it, especially since you paid a lot of money for it.iPhone X cases by third-party companies are starting to trickle out. As of this writing, the selection in the online Apple store is pretty limited. Here’s … [Read more...]

iPad Buying Guide: How to choose the iPad that’s right for you

Update 11-21-2017: We’ve added some advice for those looking for iPad accessories.So you’re in the market for a new iPad. Excellent choice—we couldn’t live without ours. It’s a great companion when catching up on news and email in the morning over tea, reading a comic book in the evening to unwind, or watching a movie while traveling on a plane.But … [Read more...]

Black Friday 2017: The best early deals

Black Friday is no longer just the day after Thanksgiving. Now deals spill out willy-nilly from retailers at almost any given time in November.Just a year or two ago, most discounts weren’t any good. But that’s changed.While the deals that command headlines (those so-called “doorbusters”) are typically still available on only Thanksgiving or Black … [Read more...]

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